New Magazine Launch.

Where has the time gone? it seems like only a few weeks ago I was all excited about getting the opportunity to write a monthly piece for a new women’s magazine launching the end of September. I was being given a chance to write about something I love but don’t share that much here on the blog for some reason, slow living. Now here we are nearly three months after I submitted my first three pieces to our editor Nicola OHanlon, only three days away from its online launch.

I am still amazed and grateful to Nicola for giving little old me this chance and I am getting to work with some other pretty amazing and talented women. So a little about this new magazine, hands up who loves all the high end fashion magazines? hands up who drools over all the designer clothes? hands up who knows that one they possibly cant afford whats in the pages of the magazine and who also knows that while the latest dress on the very stunning model is amazing not one leg would even fit into it for the rest of us. Well this is the magazine for you, a magazine for all ages, sizes, backgrounds and interests. A magazine full of real life , with real inspiration and realistic goals to reach. This magazine will hopefully leave you inspired when you are finished not wishing you could win the lotto or were a size 0.

I asked Nicola during the week if there was anything she would like me to put in this post and this is what she said about our magazine ” really is meeting women where they are at, encouraging women to see themselves in a more positive light, articles written about real life topics, and having a lifestyle website that is bypassing the celebrity role model and having relateable role models instead.” . We want everyone to enjoy this, get inspiration and bring realistic goals into their own lives.

I am so excited and nervous for Friday which is launch day, I want it so badly to be a success as does everyone else. We want to inspire you all, so now I am going to ask you all to give the magazine a follow on Twitter on our Instagram and to go sign up to our website so you will get a notification the minute it launches on Friday.

There are also two hashtags to use one is the magazine tag which is #lpliving please use it on your social media so we can see what you guys all think and the hashtag for my piece each month is #lpslowlived which I will be using and I hope you will as well.

I wont be able to sleep the next two nights.

The Most Important Meal Of The Day.


I remember growing up and my Gran always saying that your breakfast is the most important meal of the day , eat a good breakfast and you will manage on very little for the rest of the day. This is something that has stuck with me since then and I am a huge breakfast fan and tried to make sure all my little farmers have breakfast every morning. I could never understand how anyone could manage with no breakfast or a breakfast of coffee just , I would be weak with hunger in about half an hour. 

I have always tried to have a fairly healthy breakfast but I have been known to have the odd bowl of coco pops but my all time favourite is porridge. Until a couple of years ago my porridge was very basic , made with milk and sweetened with white sugar then I started to put some fruit on it and that was the way it stayed till a few months ago. Porridge is the only breakfast I eat that will keep me full from 7am till at least 12 noon which totally cuts out the need for a snack at 10am. 

I found The Happy Pear and their pimped porridge and it all changed. I started to use honey to sweeten it , using fruit such as strawberries, raspberries,  blueberries and even kiwi and I started to top it with some of my favourite granola.

Then the bad news I had to go gluten free or bad news as I thought but actually being coeliac hasn’t changed what I eat for breakfast. I still have my porridge bit it’s gluten free oats , still have my granola but it’s also gluten free and whatever fruit I want. So I wanted to share with you guys my porridge I have every morning. It is more than what a portion is suppose to be and I use proper milk but I don’t think a big bowl of porridge is going to give you a big ass. So here it is :

* Half a cup of porridge oats normal or gluten free.

* One cup of milk , if you want to make this dairy free just use your favourite milk like soya. Put the milk and oats into a saucepan and bring to the boil just then simmer for between five and ten minutes till its all nice and creamy.

* When cooked to your liking pour it into a nice big bowl and add one very large tablespoon of honey.

* Fruit of choice , this is the time to use whatever fruit you like the most from strawberries to bananas ,blueberries to peaches the choice is yours.

* Top with a generous had full of your favourite granola normal or gluten free and enjoy.

This is my go to breakfast 99% of the time and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do. Send me some pictures on Twitter or on Snapchat @ elaineslife I would love to see what you guys eat.

Hope you enjoy , Elaine x.

The Lost Art Of Letter writing.


Letter writing isn’t something I have ever done much of and possibly the last time I wrote a letter was probably for something official and I more than likely used the computer not a pen and paper. The last letter I wrote to a friend was back in Primary school when in about 4th class you got paired with another kid from somewhere around the world and we had to in class write them a letter. Those letters were very basic and simple but we did use paper and pencils no technology was involved.

Then a couple of weeks ago I received a really nice hand written letter all the way from Canada and it just make my day. What made it so nice was the fact that a good friend had sat down , made the time to write to me and had made an effort to send me a little a very pretty letter and envelop. She had sat down and stuck pretty tape on the envelop , had put the letter into a pretty card and had send me a little bookmark. It was the effort she had made that made the letter all the nicer.

When I think of letter writing I always think of and old movie  , a romantic one where a woman has her nice paper and is writing her deepest feelings down to send to the love of her life. It conjours up images of men at war sending home letters to their families but it is not something I had ever thought of doing myself. That all changed when I received my very pretty letter in the post.


About a month ago now I found the magazine called FLOW in Easons and it caught my attention when I brought it home there was a little piece in it about the benefit of letter writing on your mood , relaxation levels and even how it has helped people with depression and I have to say I agree with their findings . I sat down yesterday and wrote my first letter since I was a kid and I loved ever minute of it . I loved picking the right paper to write on , finding a nice pen , picking out some nice things to decorate the card and envelop and I cant wait to send it on its way to Canada and for the one that will return in its place.

I hope the art of letter writing is not over and maybe we need to start a new trend of sending each other a little piece happiness , all it takes is a few minutes and some paper. So  I have a Question for you all , Would you guys like to start a letter writing group ? A group where we take the time to send each other a few words of happiness to brighten up someones day ? If you would then leave a comment below , send me a Tweet  or send me a snap on Snapchat @ elaineslife. If we get enough then I will start a closed Facebook page where we can share our details and start the letter writing :).

Elaine x.

It’s All Just A Blur.


I had forgotten how at this time of year everyday just starts to blur into one long day of work. It’s a little like having a new baby every year and then you forget about the long hours and it all comes flooding back the next spring when you start it all again.
I had made great plans at the start of lambing to blog and vlog and sure nothing is happening at the minute. We are nearly half way at the minute and there are so many cute little lambs everywhere and all very happy mothers. We have had one jet black lamb but it’s a ram so he won’t be staying, I was hoping it would be a girl and we could keep her. Having a black sheep in your flock is suppose to be good luck or so they say.
Other than that the last two weeks have been just a total blur of feeding, ewe checking, lamb checking, work, some housework, more feeding, a little bit of sleep and then the same all over again. Then come spring next year I am fairly sure we will do it all again and complain again about lack of sleep and long hours but you know what when you see those cute lambs you wouldn’t really have it any other way. So please have patience with us when it comes to our blog/ vlog / twitter and snapchat you won’t see much of me until it’s all settled back down again but here is this week’s vlog and Sids acting debut , hope you enjoy it.

Back To Snapchat I Go.

My brief affair with Periscope is over for now and it is back to Snapchat for this blogger. When I started with Periscope in November I gave it a fair go and it did seem to be more interesting than Snapchat but the more I used it the more I found it is full of porn and sex bots and to be honest I have no interest in either of them. I found very few interesting people to follow and while it was great to interact with people live the porn and sex bots just turned me off and straight back to Snapchat.

Another reason to head back to using Snapchat more is Robert going to New Zealand , I want a way to keep him up to date with all we are doing while he is away and also to have it as a way for Sid to see him and send him some messages during the months he is away.

I also read this evening that Snapchat might just be the biggest hit of 2016 maybe even taking over twitter for video so I couldn’t leave it now that I have my blogging / vlogging plan for the year ahead sorted.

So for anyone that would like to follow my snaps you will find me on snapchat @elaineslife in March there will be lots of cute lambs :).

Elaine x.

Two easy Christmas crafts for kids. 

So the rain arrived again today and decided to stop nearly all horse riding lessons so all the yard work was done before lunch and left me with a free afternoon till calf feeding time. When we were in for a while Sid started to get cranky as kids do when they are stuck inside so we decided we would we would do some easy and quick Christmas craft.

The first one we did was the cd Rudolph above , this is so simple and you can make it with stuff you have in your house no need for a trip to a craft shop. For this you will need one old cd , white card , brown paint , one red pom pom , glue , glitter and glitter card , black marker and some string. Now if you don’t have all of these things at home don’t worry I will tell you how to replace them with other common things.

So you start by painting your kids hands with the paint and getting two hand prints on your white card and cut them out , these are going to make your antlers.If you don’t have white card use white paper and if you don’t have brown paint you can get your child to colour in their hand print with a brown marker / crayon. For your eyes cut out two circles and put black dots in the middle for your eyes, glue these or stick them onto the cd. Next glue on your red pom pom to the centre of the cd and sprinkle some glitter on it to give it a magic sparkle. If you don’t have pom pom’s then you can use cotton wool balls and paint them or colour them red or even an old red t – shirt or jumper cut and made into a ball. Next we cut a happy mouth from our glitter card and stuck that on but you can just draw a mouth on with a black marker. To finish you stick on your antlers to the back of the cd and stuck some string to the back as well so your Rudolph can hang on your tree.

Not happy with one craft we decided to make this as well a Christmas wreath. All you need is one paper plate , glue , red and green tissue paper , ribbon and some sparkle to stick on as well. To make this you cut the centre out of the paper plate and put glue all around the outside. Next you put pieces of red and green tissue all around the edge and any other bits your little person might like to stick on as you can see Sid added some bits to ours. When you have this done you can staple your ribbon to the top and hang it where ever you want in your house , ours is on our kitchen door.

Both of these crafts are very easy for younger kids and older ones, I have made the wreaths with my Montessori class, they really only take about ten or fifteen minutes to do so they make a great time filler. They are also nice to have to look back at over the years at Christmas time.

Hope you enjoy making these as much as we did and if you do make them don’t forget to share a photo with me on Twitter or Instagram so I can see what your Rudolph’s and wreaths are like .

Elaine and Sid x.

How I Made A Media Kit .

Yesterday was the first day of my November blogging challenge that I didn’t get a chance to write a post but I had a good reason. At the start of November I set myself some targets and things to get done during this month and one of them was to make myself a media kit .

Now for anyone who doesn’t know what a media kit is  , I didn’t know till a month ago it is like a blog / social media CV. It is a document to show PR companies or brands how big your social media reach is , what your blog is about and if you are the kind of blogger they are looking for .

So last night I spend over three hours , yes three hours researching how to make a media kit  , what needs to be in it and what they are used for  . I didn’t realize till about a month ago there was even such a thing as a media kit and I had my first blog for nearly three years and even then had never heard of a media kit .

When I looked into media kits last night I found that, yes every blogger should really have one and anyone who wants to work with brands really should have one so you can sell yourself and your blog to companies that you might like to work with. From what I could find out nearly all larger bloggers have a media kit and use them all the time , they can be one page long like my one or ten or more pages long depending on how big your blog is .

The first thing I looked at was how to make a media kit and what I should put into it , there is a wealth of how to blog posts on what should and shouldn’t go on your media kit as well as different ways to design yours. After getting nearly google eyed looking at all the designs I found one I liked on etsy  , it was a downloadable one for 9.99euro and it was from BloggerKitCo I just searched media kit on etsy and lots came up to choose from .

Once I downloaded it I started to fill it out , first I wrote a little piece about the blog  , how old it is and what I blog about. Next I put in my media stats like followers on Twitter , Instagram , Pinterest and Facebook . I listed the services I offer  .  Then I put in my blog stats which because I have only really started putting up posts since October this year are very, very small still and I am sure will take a couple of years to grow . Then lastly I uploaded a picture of myself , my phone number and email and a little about myself , what I have achieved and what my interests are .

There I had it, one media kit done just like that  , three hours of research , editing , searching for stats and 9.99 euro later and one very small media kit to show for it  but a media kit none the less .

Now do I think a blog as new as this one needs a media kit ? no, probably not at all because really my stats are not impressive enough to interest PR companies or brands to promote their products as I just don’t have the social media reach that they would need .

Do I think I will need one at some stage ? yes I would like to think this little space of the internet will over the years grow that maybe sometime  someone will ask for my media kit .

Do I think you should build a media kit even if you have a small / new blog ? yes because it took me so long yesterday to get this put together that everyone should do it now if you don’t have one because at least when it’s done all you need to do is up date it monthly as your stats change and your blog grows .

I hope this will help anyone who hasn’t made a media kit yet and if you have any other questions you can leave me a comment or email me and I will try my best to help .

Elaine x.