August Break Catch Up.

phone s8 august 2017 185

phone s8 august 2017 270

phone s8 august 2017 276

Three days have passed on our August break and our prompts were where we live, bicycle and our favourite novel as the above photos show. Today’s prompt is glass and its now 5pm and I still haven’t taken today’s photo but its a long time till bedtime.

Have you been joining in with the August break?

Get To Know Me And A Blog Challenge.

So normally when you start a blog you start by introducing yourself to everyone but because I already had a blog before this one I just guessed everyone knew me when I started this one. I have been having a very stressful 2017 so far and May has been health related and I need a distraction from myself so I am going to set myself a blog and Instagram challenge. From today I am blogging daily for the month, posting to my Instagram everyday and using my Instagram stories to share my days even showing my face.

I am hoping you will all join me, go follow my Instagram and help distract me for the month.

So to kick off the month I am going to introduce myself very quickly because my life is a busy one. I am Elaine, I will be 40 this October and I am the mother to three amazing boys who make me proud every day. I had my first two boys in my late teens and Sid when I was 32. I am married to Paul who is normally called the farmer in posts for nearly 2 yrs now but we are together for 23yrs this June. We started to other way around, family first then marriage. We have had various jobs over the years but we started farming 7yrs ago now and we love it, it takes up a lot of our family life in this house. I was born on the farm we own now and Paul was always farming when he was a teenager. One of my passions is horses and we started our Riding centre and livery in 2003, another passion is teaching. I am a Montessori teacher during the week and a horse riding instructor at the weekends. I love books, coffee, getting my nails done, chocolate and the beach. I found out last year I am Coeliac and this February I found out I have a kidney stone which is still there and am at the moment getting tests done for some other things which is why I need this distraction. So there is a condensed version of my life and I will share more over the month.

I really hope you will join me and give my Instagram a follow.

See you all tomorrow,


Getting creative 


I love taking photos and have been a fan of Instagram since I started my first blog back in 2012. When I first joined I loved how you could edit your photos and possibly uploaded one photo a day back then but over the years I have gotten lazy. I started to care less about what I posted and put up so many random photos on my grid. I also found it so hard to gain followers , knew nothing about tags or how to tag my photos or how Instagram really worked. I wanted to get back to taking better photos and having a grid that I could be proud  , grow my following and just have a pretty place to be creative.

So when I found Sara’s blog, I knew I had found what I was looking for and the help I needed. Sara has so many posts written about how to get the most out of your Instagram and lots of pointers about taking photos and getting the most from your creative side. So when I saw Sara was doing a six week insta retreat I knew I had to sign myself up. We start tomorrow, day one of our retreat and I can’t wait. I have spend the last two weeks getting my Instagram  ready for this retreat. I have gotten rid of all the random photos that I had put up and have been making more of an effort with the photos I have been taking.

There is a large group of us doing the retreat , we have our own facebook page but I am feeling very small and untalented in the group. There are so many amazing accounts out there and I have found so many inspirational accounts to follow with some really beautiful photos. I am looking forward to starting tomorrow and growing my Instagram with help from Sara. I have been feeling the need lately to do more creative things and I think this could be just what I need to get me started and we will be done just before Christmas so 2017 can be my grow my Instagram year rather than joining a gym or losing weight for the new year .

Have you ever taken part in an instagram course or photography course ? how did you find them ? I would love to hear and come check out my snapchat @ elaineslife to see how I am getting on everyday.

Elaine x