New Magazine Launch.

Where has the time gone? it seems like only a few weeks ago I was all excited about getting the opportunity to write a monthly piece for a new women’s magazine launching the end of September. I was being given a chance to write about something I love but don’t share that much here on the blog for some reason, slow living. Now here we are nearly three months after I submitted my first three pieces to our editor Nicola OHanlon, only three days away from its online launch.

I am still amazed and grateful to Nicola for giving little old me this chance and I am getting to work with some other pretty amazing and talented women. So a little about this new magazine, hands up who loves all the high end fashion magazines? hands up who drools over all the designer clothes? hands up who knows that one they possibly cant afford whats in the pages of the magazine and who also knows that while the latest dress on the very stunning model is amazing not one leg would even fit into it for the rest of us. Well this is the magazine for you, a magazine for all ages, sizes, backgrounds and interests. A magazine full of real life , with real inspiration and realistic goals to reach. This magazine will hopefully leave you inspired when you are finished not wishing you could win the lotto or were a size 0.

I asked Nicola during the week if there was anything she would like me to put in this post and this is what she said about our magazine ” really is meeting women where they are at, encouraging women to see themselves in a more positive light, articles written about real life topics, and having a lifestyle website that is bypassing the celebrity role model and having relateable role models instead.” . We want everyone to enjoy this, get inspiration and bring realistic goals into their own lives.

I am so excited and nervous for Friday which is launch day, I want it so badly to be a success as does everyone else. We want to inspire you all, so now I am going to ask you all to give the magazine a follow on Twitter on our Instagram and to go sign up to our website so you will get a notification the minute it launches on Friday.

There are also two hashtags to use one is the magazine tag which is #lpliving please use it on your social media so we can see what you guys all think and the hashtag for my piece each month is #lpslowlived which I will be using and I hope you will as well.

I wont be able to sleep the next two nights.

Instagram V Snapchat.

So which is it for you guys? Instagram stories or Snapchat ? Or maybe it’s none of them. I was late to come to the world of Snapchat feeling it was more for  the younger generation of teenage or early twenties who shared messing in school / college and weekends out drinking. There wasn’t a place for me on it I felt but decided to give it a go and see how it felt so I set myself up on Snapchat @elaineslife and sent my first snap out into the world of nearly no one to be honest. I found it hard to find people to follow and to also spread the word that I now had little snaps of my day to share with the world. 

I kept trying it but was never comfortable on it enough to actually talk or show my face really and it killed me how hard it was on my battery. After using it for a while I had to have a snapchat clean out because it was full of bloggers showing off what they get sent in the post or some haul or other and I just got fed up seeing the same thing over and over again and those filters just gave me a pain. When the eldest farmer went to New Zealand I did find snapchat great because he could share his day with us and we could keep him up to date on what we were doing on the farm so it was great that way but it still wasn’t enough to keep me interested in it.

Then in the summer one of my all time favourite social media sites started their own stories. I have been using Instagram since I first started blogging years ago , I love taking photos when I have time and I love looking at other people’s photos. So when Instagram stories started I was excited to see what it would be like but I was also a little worried that it would turn into a place to share hauls and what was sent in the post. So I gave it a try on my Instagram and all I can say is I love it !. It feels more grown up than snapchat and it’s so much easier to find people to follow and you get the benefit of stories and their photos all in the one place. I was finding as well I was full time going from Twitter to Facebook to instagram to snapchat and then back again and that’s just way to much social media for any one person. The ease of having my stories and photos all in the one place is what sold instagram stories to me now there are still things that bug me about it like your stories loading out of sequence, some not loading or some taking ages to load and its slow I find to gain followers but I am hopeful this will all change over time. 

So for me it has to be Instagram all the way and I am sorry Snapchat but I don’t think you are for me. Some come say hi on my instagram so I can watch your stories and photos. 

Elaine x 


Let The Summer Begin.

Where do the days just trickle away to ? the last few weeks have been so busy , getting ready in school for the end of year graduation and then in the evenings we were busy with sheep so the days just seemed to fly by. Yesterday was my last day in school till the 1st of September  , that’s a full seven and a half weeks off to spend at home. Some of the time will be taken up with pony camps but I am planning on taking at least one or maybe two days a week off to do some fun stuff with Sid like a visit to the zoo , tayto park maybe , swimming in the sea and anything else we can find to do.

Its also not long till our one year anniversary of getting married so I am hoping to drag the farmer away for two nights as well, fingers crossed that falls into place. What else has been going on since we last talked ? I was sent a lovely letter from St Vincents hospital to tell me I am actually Coeliac so there was another huge change in my diet which I can say is working so far but more about that in another post. When I go back to school in September I will have a smaller class this year which will be nice and they will all be heading off to school in September the following year.

We are on a countdown at the minute to Robert coming home from New Zealand on the 2nd of September. We cant wait to see him and hear all about his 8 months on the dairy farm but I am sure he might not be as excited to be back home and back to his last year of his degree. We are also looking forward to spending a few days at the RDS Dublin international horse show which will be starting on wednesday 20th of July myself and Sid are hoping to make it everyday except Saturday. It is for me one of the highlights of the year even though its all horses which I see everyday of the year anyway I just love the buzz at it.

So I think that’s you guys all caught up on whats been going on and what we are looking forward to this summer. Yesterday when I finished up in school it didn’t really feel like I was done for the summer but as I sit here now writing this post , music on and peace in the house its starting to feel like summer holiday time .

Chat soon , Elaine x.

P.S I am using snapchat a good bit now if you would like to see what I get up to everyday come follow me you will find me on snapchat here : elaineslife

Just Begin It’s That Simple.


It should be easy shouldn’t it , just begin , just like that !. This is where I am falling down at the minute the act of beginning is just not happening for me when  it comes to my blog and social media.
I had all these plans to share my days now Robert was away , I was going to blog and vlog  routinely while he was away to keep him up to date on all we were doing, he has gone and my routine is no better.
The idea of vlogging went out the window when Robert landed in New Zealand and told us the Internet is so bad that if I did vlog he wouldn’t get to watch them so I am using my snap chat a lot more because this he can see.
I know it’s only a week but I just can’t get into a nice rythem yet.
I have lots of plans but it’s just to get myself organised and into my routine.
Robert is a week away now and he has settled into his new home he is working away milking 500 cows and doing other farm jobs during the day. I am glad he has settled so well but I just hope he remembers where the airport is in September when it’s time to come home.
Next post on Wednesday I promise , time to get my rythem going.
Elaine x .

Back To Snapchat I Go.

My brief affair with Periscope is over for now and it is back to Snapchat for this blogger. When I started with Periscope in November I gave it a fair go and it did seem to be more interesting than Snapchat but the more I used it the more I found it is full of porn and sex bots and to be honest I have no interest in either of them. I found very few interesting people to follow and while it was great to interact with people live the porn and sex bots just turned me off and straight back to Snapchat.

Another reason to head back to using Snapchat more is Robert going to New Zealand , I want a way to keep him up to date with all we are doing while he is away and also to have it as a way for Sid to see him and send him some messages during the months he is away.

I also read this evening that Snapchat might just be the biggest hit of 2016 maybe even taking over twitter for video so I couldn’t leave it now that I have my blogging / vlogging plan for the year ahead sorted.

So for anyone that would like to follow my snaps you will find me on snapchat @elaineslife in March there will be lots of cute lambs :).

Elaine x.

Goodbye Snapchat , Hello Periscope.

While I was at the Blogger conference in The Marker hotel last Sunday there was a lot of talk about Periscope and Snapchat and how one is more for grown ups and this made me curious about the two apps. So me being me I had to try out one because I was already using the other.

About probably five months ago or maybe more I decided I would download Snapchat and see what all the talk was about , at the same time I also found Periscope in the app store but it didn’t appeal to me as much how wrong was I. I should have know when the middle little farmer told me I was to old to be on Snapchat that I should just have gone with Periscope but after his comment I was just more determined to try this whole Snapchat thing and off I went.

What I liked about it at the start was that so many of my favorite bloggers were also using it and I was able to get a sneak peak into their day , I got to see some great Irish bloggers go to events and tell us all about products they had gotten. I watched people eat their breakfasts and chat about their day but all the time I was feeling like my middle farmer told me a little old to be here.

I tried to Snap as much as I could but as you guys know internet reception in 90% of this country is not good enough to Snap and the ten second video kept catching me out mid sentence so over the last few weeks I have started to use it less and less and over the last two weeks I have really only been watching the Snaps of the people I follow and not posting any of my own.

Snapchat is great don’t get me wrong , bloggers are using it really well along side their blogs and it has some great features like photo , the option to delete what you don’t like and some very pretty filters but at 38yrs old I am to old I think for Snapchat the middle little farmer was right ( but don’t anyone tell him that ) that it is not the place for me  .

Then the Blogger conference was on and there was talk of Periscope and how it was more for grown ups than Snapchat. I went back there and then and downloaded the app to my phone and have spent the last week giving it a good trial run. I was off from school for two days this week so it was the perfect time to give it a fair trial. On Tuesday I scoped ( that’s what they call taking your videos) my whole day in parts and got at times 14 live viewers , this is where Periscope is way cooler than Snapchat , it is live ! . As you are recording your video people all around the world can watch and interact with you in real time. Like Snapchat there is also a replay option which lets people come back over the following 24hrs and re watch your scope.

While you are scoping if your viewers or replay viewers double tap the screen they can send you love hearts to show they are enjoying your scope. While I am really loving Periscope I do agree it is more for the grown ups than snapchat because on Snapchat you have to go and look for people to follow you need to know their Snapchat name on Periscope you don’t you just go into your globe button and you can watch complete strangers from all over the world. There are many weird and wonderful people on Periscope and this week I have found porn , religion , many totally crazy people , some that are just plain creepy and also some amazing bloggers who are totally using this to grow their brand .

While I am very new to Periscope now I already know I won’t be using Snapchat nearly as much , I won’t delete it off my phone but I think Periscope is going to be huge after a while.

What do you guys like the most Snapchat or Periscope ? leave your names in the comments and I will go follow you guys. I have two more posts I still want to do on this over the next few days one from a bloggers point of view and one from a Mothers .

You will find me here on Periscope please do follow and join me on my live scopes 🙂 @mybusycountrylife

Elaine x .

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How I Made A Media Kit .

Yesterday was the first day of my November blogging challenge that I didn’t get a chance to write a post but I had a good reason. At the start of November I set myself some targets and things to get done during this month and one of them was to make myself a media kit .

Now for anyone who doesn’t know what a media kit is  , I didn’t know till a month ago it is like a blog / social media CV. It is a document to show PR companies or brands how big your social media reach is , what your blog is about and if you are the kind of blogger they are looking for .

So last night I spend over three hours , yes three hours researching how to make a media kit  , what needs to be in it and what they are used for  . I didn’t realize till about a month ago there was even such a thing as a media kit and I had my first blog for nearly three years and even then had never heard of a media kit .

When I looked into media kits last night I found that, yes every blogger should really have one and anyone who wants to work with brands really should have one so you can sell yourself and your blog to companies that you might like to work with. From what I could find out nearly all larger bloggers have a media kit and use them all the time , they can be one page long like my one or ten or more pages long depending on how big your blog is .

The first thing I looked at was how to make a media kit and what I should put into it , there is a wealth of how to blog posts on what should and shouldn’t go on your media kit as well as different ways to design yours. After getting nearly google eyed looking at all the designs I found one I liked on etsy  , it was a downloadable one for 9.99euro and it was from BloggerKitCo I just searched media kit on etsy and lots came up to choose from .

Once I downloaded it I started to fill it out , first I wrote a little piece about the blog  , how old it is and what I blog about. Next I put in my media stats like followers on Twitter , Instagram , Pinterest and Facebook . I listed the services I offer  .  Then I put in my blog stats which because I have only really started putting up posts since October this year are very, very small still and I am sure will take a couple of years to grow . Then lastly I uploaded a picture of myself , my phone number and email and a little about myself , what I have achieved and what my interests are .

There I had it, one media kit done just like that  , three hours of research , editing , searching for stats and 9.99 euro later and one very small media kit to show for it  but a media kit none the less .

Now do I think a blog as new as this one needs a media kit ? no, probably not at all because really my stats are not impressive enough to interest PR companies or brands to promote their products as I just don’t have the social media reach that they would need .

Do I think I will need one at some stage ? yes I would like to think this little space of the internet will over the years grow that maybe sometime  someone will ask for my media kit .

Do I think you should build a media kit even if you have a small / new blog ? yes because it took me so long yesterday to get this put together that everyone should do it now if you don’t have one because at least when it’s done all you need to do is up date it monthly as your stats change and your blog grows .

I hope this will help anyone who hasn’t made a media kit yet and if you have any other questions you can leave me a comment or email me and I will try my best to help .

Elaine x.