Taking An August Break 2017.

One of the first ever blogs I read was one by Susannah Conway , her Instagram was also one of the first I started following. Her blog is beautiful , well written and a joy to read and her photos are just an inspiration. When I started blogging first I felt bad that one of my favourite bloggers wasn’t an Irish one, I felt at times I should have been following more Irish bloggers and sharing the love but I just couldn’t find many that I enjoyed and even now most of my favourite blogs and Instagram accounts are based outside of Ireland but sshhhh don’t tell anyone.

So this break I am talking about is a break from the usual, a break to try something different, an excuse to take different photos than you would normally and an excuse to have fun for a month. So I will be back to posting daily but just a lot more photos for the month, maybe some days I will have a chat, maybe it will be just a picture of what ever that days prompt is or maybe it will be ten photos. I am really looking forward to this because I loved the month I blogged everyday and I am missing it a little which is why I am so looking forward to this.

If you would like to join in then Susannah has a prompt for everyday on her blog for us all to follow and share, here they are.


The hashtag is #augustbreak2017 so everyone taking part can see your photos and there is also a Facebook page but all details are on her blog so go have a look.

So tomorrow is the first day and its all about the morning, I will be sharing mine on my Instagram so come have a look and will be sharing on my stories as well.

See you all in the morning.


This is my handwriting photo for today. These belonged to my Gran she died in 2002 at the great old age of 93 and she loved to bake. These are old recipes of hers , the Christmas cake one she wrote in 1949 ! . Her handwriting was so exact and pretty not like my rushed scribble I do. I love having this recipe book that I can look back at and all her little handwritten notes she has in it. Tomorrow’s prompt is sweetness. 

Elaine x 

Morning Light.

This is my dull, starting to get wet morning light for day one of the august challenge. Tomorrow’s prompt is Leaf and hashtag we are using on Instagram is #augustbreak2016. 

Elaine x.

Let The Summer Begin.

Where do the days just trickle away to ? the last few weeks have been so busy , getting ready in school for the end of year graduation and then in the evenings we were busy with sheep so the days just seemed to fly by. Yesterday was my last day in school till the 1st of September  , that’s a full seven and a half weeks off to spend at home. Some of the time will be taken up with pony camps but I am planning on taking at least one or maybe two days a week off to do some fun stuff with Sid like a visit to the zoo , tayto park maybe , swimming in the sea and anything else we can find to do.

Its also not long till our one year anniversary of getting married so I am hoping to drag the farmer away for two nights as well, fingers crossed that falls into place. What else has been going on since we last talked ? I was sent a lovely letter from St Vincents hospital to tell me I am actually Coeliac so there was another huge change in my diet which I can say is working so far but more about that in another post. When I go back to school in September I will have a smaller class this year which will be nice and they will all be heading off to school in September the following year.

We are on a countdown at the minute to Robert coming home from New Zealand on the 2nd of September. We cant wait to see him and hear all about his 8 months on the dairy farm but I am sure he might not be as excited to be back home and back to his last year of his degree. We are also looking forward to spending a few days at the RDS Dublin international horse show which will be starting on wednesday 20th of July myself and Sid are hoping to make it everyday except Saturday. It is for me one of the highlights of the year even though its all horses which I see everyday of the year anyway I just love the buzz at it.

So I think that’s you guys all caught up on whats been going on and what we are looking forward to this summer. Yesterday when I finished up in school it didn’t really feel like I was done for the summer but as I sit here now writing this post , music on and peace in the house its starting to feel like summer holiday time .

Chat soon , Elaine x.

P.S I am using snapchat a good bit now if you would like to see what I get up to everyday come follow me you will find me on snapchat here : elaineslife

It’s All Just A Blur.


I had forgotten how at this time of year everyday just starts to blur into one long day of work. It’s a little like having a new baby every year and then you forget about the long hours and it all comes flooding back the next spring when you start it all again.
I had made great plans at the start of lambing to blog and vlog and sure nothing is happening at the minute. We are nearly half way at the minute and there are so many cute little lambs everywhere and all very happy mothers. We have had one jet black lamb but it’s a ram so he won’t be staying, I was hoping it would be a girl and we could keep her. Having a black sheep in your flock is suppose to be good luck or so they say.
Other than that the last two weeks have been just a total blur of feeding, ewe checking, lamb checking, work, some housework, more feeding, a little bit of sleep and then the same all over again. Then come spring next year I am fairly sure we will do it all again and complain again about lack of sleep and long hours but you know what when you see those cute lambs you wouldn’t really have it any other way. So please have patience with us when it comes to our blog/ vlog / twitter and snapchat you won’t see much of me until it’s all settled back down again but here is this week’s vlog and Sids acting debut , hope you enjoy it.