August Break Catch Up.

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phone s8 august 2017 270

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Three days have passed on our August break and our prompts were where we live, bicycle and our favourite novel as the above photos show. Today’s prompt is glass and its now 5pm and I still haven’t taken today’s photo but its a long time till bedtime.

Have you been joining in with the August break?

My Day In Photos.

My day starts at 6.15am.

First job of the morning is to let out some of the liveries and then feed everyone in the stables.

7am is breakfast for everyone and then it’s lunch making and getting ready to go to work.

I get to work at 8.30am, I only have 6 more days left with my class before we finish up for the summer.

I get home from work about 2pm, have some quick lunch and go collect Sid from school. This has been my view for the school year. Today then we went to get his hair cut and his lunch.

Then it was time to change my clothes and head outside to do some jobs, tackle some weeds and feed horses again and bring back in liveries.

After our yard work it was in the make dinner for everyone and then the horrible clean up after the dinner. How does it get so messy?

Before it was bed time for Sid I wrote a blog post and swept the floors.

Sid went to bed at 8.00pm and I went for a bath, repainted my toenails and relaxed.

And I am ending my day with my book and a coffee and will head to bed about 10.30pm.

How do you spend your day? 


Day 2 of the photo challenge and here is my leaf. I got this little plant about three years ago and I thought it would just last a few months and that’s it but it’s still going strong. Tomorrow’s prompt is handwriting leave a comment below if you are taking part in the challenge as well would love to see your pictures.

Elaine x. 

Morning Light.

This is my dull, starting to get wet morning light for day one of the august challenge. Tomorrow’s prompt is Leaf and hashtag we are using on Instagram is #augustbreak2016. 

Elaine x.

Taking An August Break.

When I started my first blog over five years ago now it must be, one of the first blogs I ever read was by a woman called Susannah Conway. Her blog is so easy to read with lots of inspiration along the way. Susannah is a very talented photographer and her blog and Instagram always have the most amazing , simple and easy to look at photos. 

As the years this is one of only a couple of blogs I still love and enjoy reading lots of others have come and gone but this one still has a strong hold on me. Over the years I have taken two of Susannah’s online courses and have taken her August Break three times and this year I am going to do it again. 

The August Break is just what is says , a break from writing blog posts but for me I am going to use it as motivation to get more blogging done. All the details of The August Break can be found on Susannah’s blog . There is a great Facebook page for it and on her blog she has daily photo prompts for the whole month of August which you can follow or just choose your own. You don’t need any fancy equipment just some sort of camera and there is also a hashtag to share them on Instagram or twitter. 

If you would like to join us all please go to Susannah’s blog , join the group and spend the whole month of August taking photos with us ,one of the prompts this year is a unicorn ! I am going to have fun with that one. I am going to post my photos daily here and also to my Instagram and snapchat @elaineslife so you can see them all there and I will also tell you the prompt for the next day , tomorrow’s is Morning Light.  Hope some of you guys will join us.

Elaine x.