What I Learned This Week.

  • The average family uses six trees a year in paper, that’s a lot of trees !.
  • There are some amazing artists using waste to make beautiful works of art and here are two Ian Berry and Jane Perkins .
  • I am not a huge fan of bought smoothies they are normally a little sour for me but when I was shopping Friday I picked up two Innocent super smoothies tropical protein and the strawberry protein one and they are really good, creamy and not sour like it’s full of orange juice.
  • That spider plants have very pretty white flowers.
  • That if you really want something there is very little that will stop you, on Friday the new magazine I have been lucky enough for launched and I will be writing a monthly piece about slow living. Here is my first piece you can read it here
  • Its only 19 days now till I will be 40 !!!!
  • For anyone that enjoys a good planner and also likes to colour Johanna Basford has one out now. Its a 16 month planner with a page to colour each week, I got mine from Amazon and it arrived on Thursday.

I Am Back In Love With My Body.

We have made up me and my body after my last test results arrived today and I got the all clear. Now possibly after all the sweets and crisps I have eaten over the last week or so my body might fall out with me this time round. It’s really been one of those years where the universe just tries its best to piss you off at every turn.

The reason I started this month long blog challenge was to distract myself from all the different scans and stuff I had to get through and it really worked. I had always had an understanding with my body that we would be good to each other but it really pushed me this year but now its all good, I can go back to moaning about the odd snotty nose or sore throat every now and then and I will promise to go easy on my body in return which is a fair deal I think?.

We have also nearly reached the end of our month together, can you believe it? This is the second last one and we only missed two days out of the whole month which for me is pretty amazing and I have been thinking about how much I will blog for July. It possibly won’t be everyday, maybe three or four times a week every week, what do you think? or what would you like to see?

To celebrate my being in love again with my body I am off to eat more chocolate and I will see you all tomorrow for the last post of June all about how I found it.

These Are My Love.

My earliest memory as a child was getting a ride on plastic horse for Christmas when I was about two and I was hooked. We didn’t have horses when I was growing up on the farm and getting one was never an option but I was obsessed with them.

I love their smell, working with them, they are good for my soul and I could never be far from them. The one above is Casper one of our riding school ponies, he has thought so many people to ride and he is a character. I will always have them in my life this I am sure of.

What is your love? 

My Day In Photos.

My day starts at 6.15am.

First job of the morning is to let out some of the liveries and then feed everyone in the stables.

7am is breakfast for everyone and then it’s lunch making and getting ready to go to work.

I get to work at 8.30am, I only have 6 more days left with my class before we finish up for the summer.

I get home from work about 2pm, have some quick lunch and go collect Sid from school. This has been my view for the school year. Today then we went to get his hair cut and his lunch.

Then it was time to change my clothes and head outside to do some jobs, tackle some weeds and feed horses again and bring back in liveries.

After our yard work it was in the make dinner for everyone and then the horrible clean up after the dinner. How does it get so messy?

Before it was bed time for Sid I wrote a blog post and swept the floors.

Sid went to bed at 8.00pm and I went for a bath, repainted my toenails and relaxed.

And I am ending my day with my book and a coffee and will head to bed about 10.30pm.

How do you spend your day? 

What I Learned This Week.

  • That I will never get that golden tan in the sun.
  • That I will always have some sort of a farmers tan, only mine isn’t brown it’s red and freckles. 
  • That sometimes it’s just too warm for food.
  • The best subcream we have found for sun protection is Boots own brand.
  • That I can’t wait to be off in two weeks time for nine full weeks.
  • That the Fifty shades of grey movies don’t have the best cast or story line but Jamie Dornan can just fix everything. 
  • There is so much to be done for the end of year in school.
  • That my birkinstocks are getting more comfy as I wear them.
  • That I still love when we make pink hayledge bales because some money goes to cancer research.

So that was my week, what did you learn this week ? 

What Always Makes You Feel Better? 


( n.) a lover of the sea, someone who loves the sea, ocean. 

For me I have two, one is going horse riding and the other is a walk on a beach. No matter how stressed,  fed up, under pressure, sad or just in need of a break I am doing one of these will always make me feel more relaxed. So this afternoon we headed to the beach.

” nothing soothes the soul like a walk on the beach ” 

What is your go to stress reliever ? 

What I Learned This Week.

  • That even three days away is enough of a break to de stress.
  • Who ever invented a double bed was just mad.
  • That myself and the farmer can not sleep in a double bed we don’t have enough room ! 
  • I only have 3 more weeks till I am off for the summer.
  • That everyone should get measured for their Bra’s because to wear one that fits you properly is just heavenly.
  • That I am a size bigger than I thought, which explains why I was always uncomfortable.
  • Everyone should ring their broadband and tv provider every so often because you will nearly always come away with a better deal or service.
  • Birkinstock sandels are a little more expensive than your average ones but once they are worn in they are so comfy.
  • The tasty parlour do really tasty gluten free cakes and sweet treats and they are a Wexford based company.
  • I am really enjoying blogging everyday.

So there is my week, how was yours ? What did you learn ?