August Break Day 2: Gold

Last week we ran out of milk and had none from breakfast so I went to one of our local supermarkets, they were giving out free bunches of flowers to everyone doing their shopping, it brightened my morning and my kitchen, over a week later and they are still going strong. Their golden colours brighten my kitchen on grey summer days like today.

What I Learned This Week.

  • There is no place like home.
  • That all those little things that bug you about your home can start to be sorted when you don’t have to go to work 5 days a week.
  • That it was very hard to work 34 days straight with only an hour or two on a Sunday afternoon off.
  • That you will work harder at home and do longer hours but it’s so nice.
  • That M&S do the most comfy bras I have ever worn.
  • That I miss blogging everyday and might just start again next week 

What have you learned this week ? 

What I Learned This Week.

  • That even three days away is enough of a break to de stress.
  • Who ever invented a double bed was just mad.
  • That myself and the farmer can not sleep in a double bed we don’t have enough room ! 
  • I only have 3 more weeks till I am off for the summer.
  • That everyone should get measured for their Bra’s because to wear one that fits you properly is just heavenly.
  • That I am a size bigger than I thought, which explains why I was always uncomfortable.
  • Everyone should ring their broadband and tv provider every so often because you will nearly always come away with a better deal or service.
  • Birkinstock sandels are a little more expensive than your average ones but once they are worn in they are so comfy.
  • The tasty parlour do really tasty gluten free cakes and sweet treats and they are a Wexford based company.
  • I am really enjoying blogging everyday.

So there is my week, how was yours ? What did you learn ? 

A Little More Of Me.

I decided to continue the getting to know me theme from yesterday and give you ten facts about me. I had thought I was a pretty normal person till I wrote these down today and now I see I might have some little issues.

  1. I always try to buy a book that no one else has looked through in a shop because if I think someone has I wouldn’t buy it. I like my books to be new and never opened when I get them or I wouldn’t read it.
  2. I am the same with magazines, I get all mine online and hide them until I have finished reading them.
  3. I am Coeliac, have Endometriosis and a kidney stone at this very moment.
  4. I am happy when I have my horses and can take a walk on a beach.
  5. I have a soft spot for mugs, stationary and books.
  6. I hate melon and salmon but would eat just about everything else.
  7. My bed at night needs to be wrinkle free and tucked in at the bottom.
  8. If you wake me from my sleep or disturb me you will see my full temper, its possibly one of the only things that makes me really cranky.
  9. I am normally in the one mood all the time but if you cross me I don’t forgive easy if at all.
  10. I work hard but always have more to do than I have time for.


So there they are ten random facts about me that make me see I have sleep and book issues.

That post two done, we are really on a roll or is it a little early in the month to say that ? I am hoping you will all come follow me on my Instagram for my challenge and see what else I get up to during the day.

Do you suffer with any of the same weird issues I have ?  leave them in the comments below.