August Break Day 2: Gold

Last week we ran out of milk and had none from breakfast so I went to one of our local supermarkets, they were giving out free bunches of flowers to everyone doing their shopping, it brightened my morning and my kitchen, over a week later and they are still going strong. Their golden colours brighten my kitchen on grey summer days like today.

The Power Of Three.

One question I am away’s asked is ” How do you manage to fit in everything you have to do in a day?” and up until a few months ago I wonder as well how I managed it. I do know that a lot of things were missed on and I was constantly chasing my tail in a state of constant stress about what I had to do and beating myself up about stuff that was forgotten or just not done. I wasn’t as organised as I am now and I had no direction from week to week.

That was when I started to look at Slow living a lot more and I came across planning your day into three’s. Now this might not work for everyone but it has been a huge help to me and I actually get so much more done now than I ever have. I am not beating myself up anymore that I haven’t reached on my to do list for the day/week and I am not stressed about how much I have to do, so I wanted to share it with you as well.

At the start of my week, normally Monday morning at breakfast I take a few minutes to see what really needs to be done that week, the things that just can’t be put off and I pick three as my main todo’s for the week. If there is more than three that could be done I add them to the list in case I get the three main ones done and have some time to do more.

So for example for me this week my main three are : order a skip , cut the grass and sort college for Liam. These are my main three but then I have six others on the list if I have time to get them done then it’s a bonus this week and if not at least the main three are done. I do the same when I am in work so I will have a list for work and for home.

I then break each day down into three’s as well, so say today my three is pony camp, moving calves and going to the bank on top of my ususal housework, dinner making jobs. I will be delighted to get these all done but I also have extras on the list if I get to them and if I don’t I will be happy with getting my three done. This system for me has been a life saver and has taken all the stress and pressure out of my day because I am always getting my three done and that’s such a good feeling, it also makes me more organised so I nearly always get all the extras on the list done. As well I have found if I have reached my three at lunch time I don’t feel guilty anymore heading off with Sid somewhere in the afternoon because I have reached my set goal for the day.

Three things a week and three things a day is also a very reachable goal for anyone, setting yourself three goals a day you are getting 18 little jobs done in six days on top of your general day to day which is a lot of extra done a week. I have found it a total life saver and I am on top of all my jobs which were just piling up on me because now I have been slowly chipping away at them with no pressure. Now there will be times when you might have to change your three a day half way through the week, maybe you or a little person in your house is sick or you have visitors or just life in general gets in the way. When this happens me I still stick to my three main things for the week but am freer with my three for the day.

The power of three is so good, I have no stress now at the start of the week about all that has to be done and none of that feeling you get when you set yourself a target and don’t meet it which is great. It motivates me to do more each week with no pressure because if I only reach my three I am happy its not 23 things I have to do.

I hope you try it and find it as helpful as I have ! if you do try it let me know how you get on. 

What I Learned This Week.

  • I learned yesterday how to to take moody photos like the one of Sid above.
  • I learned that its really nice to meet people you know for years online off line.
  • That I have an idea for something floating around in my head for a while and maybe I should start seeing can I get it into action.
  • I learned that if you work hard enough anything is possible after a really nice email from my editor.
  • I learned that the only way to stop having to go everyday to the shop is to do a really good weekly food shop, only had to go for milk and read once this week.
  • I had thought all my hormonal issues were easing up the last few months but no it hit with force again this month.
  • I learned that the only way I can have a productive week is to use my planning by three.
  • I also learned that even when I have it all planned and have the best intentions there are times when I just won’t get it all done.
  • That we need to just stop and make the most of time when we are off from work, myself and Sid decided on Wednesday to just head to the beach and we had a great time.
  • That I would read a lot of books if I didn’t have to work.

What did you learn this week?

What I Learned This Week.

  • There is no place like home.
  • That all those little things that bug you about your home can start to be sorted when you don’t have to go to work 5 days a week.
  • That it was very hard to work 34 days straight with only an hour or two on a Sunday afternoon off.
  • That you will work harder at home and do longer hours but it’s so nice.
  • That M&S do the most comfy bras I have ever worn.
  • That I miss blogging everyday and might just start again next week 

What have you learned this week ? 

Goodbye Snapchat , Hello Periscope.

While I was at the Blogger conference in The Marker hotel last Sunday there was a lot of talk about Periscope and Snapchat and how one is more for grown ups and this made me curious about the two apps. So me being me I had to try out one because I was already using the other.

About probably five months ago or maybe more I decided I would download Snapchat and see what all the talk was about , at the same time I also found Periscope in the app store but it didn’t appeal to me as much how wrong was I. I should have know when the middle little farmer told me I was to old to be on Snapchat that I should just have gone with Periscope but after his comment I was just more determined to try this whole Snapchat thing and off I went.

What I liked about it at the start was that so many of my favorite bloggers were also using it and I was able to get a sneak peak into their day , I got to see some great Irish bloggers go to events and tell us all about products they had gotten. I watched people eat their breakfasts and chat about their day but all the time I was feeling like my middle farmer told me a little old to be here.

I tried to Snap as much as I could but as you guys know internet reception in 90% of this country is not good enough to Snap and the ten second video kept catching me out mid sentence so over the last few weeks I have started to use it less and less and over the last two weeks I have really only been watching the Snaps of the people I follow and not posting any of my own.

Snapchat is great don’t get me wrong , bloggers are using it really well along side their blogs and it has some great features like photo , the option to delete what you don’t like and some very pretty filters but at 38yrs old I am to old I think for Snapchat the middle little farmer was right ( but don’t anyone tell him that ) that it is not the place for me  .

Then the Blogger conference was on and there was talk of Periscope and how it was more for grown ups than Snapchat. I went back there and then and downloaded the app to my phone and have spent the last week giving it a good trial run. I was off from school for two days this week so it was the perfect time to give it a fair trial. On Tuesday I scoped ( that’s what they call taking your videos) my whole day in parts and got at times 14 live viewers , this is where Periscope is way cooler than Snapchat , it is live ! . As you are recording your video people all around the world can watch and interact with you in real time. Like Snapchat there is also a replay option which lets people come back over the following 24hrs and re watch your scope.

While you are scoping if your viewers or replay viewers double tap the screen they can send you love hearts to show they are enjoying your scope. While I am really loving Periscope I do agree it is more for the grown ups than snapchat because on Snapchat you have to go and look for people to follow you need to know their Snapchat name on Periscope you don’t you just go into your globe button and you can watch complete strangers from all over the world. There are many weird and wonderful people on Periscope and this week I have found porn , religion , many totally crazy people , some that are just plain creepy and also some amazing bloggers who are totally using this to grow their brand .

While I am very new to Periscope now I already know I won’t be using Snapchat nearly as much , I won’t delete it off my phone but I think Periscope is going to be huge after a while.

What do you guys like the most Snapchat or Periscope ? leave your names in the comments and I will go follow you guys. I have two more posts I still want to do on this over the next few days one from a bloggers point of view and one from a Mothers .

You will find me here on Periscope please do follow and join me on my live scopes 🙂 @mybusycountrylife

Elaine x .

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My woolly girls . 

  I don’t get to visit my girls as much as I would like so when the chance to do their evening check came my way last week I didn’t say no . These are our main women , some of them are the first ewes we got over five years ago and are still going strong .

I love the peace you get walking through them in the field as they munch on the green grass . They are a very peaceful animal and I like to take my time and pick out all the familiar faces that you get to know over the years .

These girls are all due to lamb , fingers and toes crossed at the start of March and all are fit and well so far . This is probably one of my happy places , in a field with my girls and not being in a rush to get somewhere else .

One of my women was very interested in what this mad woman with the camera was doing and decided to eat her grass near me  .

Hope you enjoy the clips , leave a comment and let me know what one of your happy places is ? mine I think nearly all involve an animal nearly .

Elaine x .

Lets grow this blog , November challenge .

I think its time to start really putting some effort into this little blog , its time to start the growth  . I started this blog nearly a year ago but to be honest I hardly looked at it till July this year and then I only posted a few times for July and August . I tried to post a little more in September but it didn’t last  . So while I was doing vlogtober I started to think more about my little corner of the internet and what I want to do with it  , I was able to vlog most days for the month of October so why couldn’t I blog most days in November and that’s when I decided November was going to be my month to really settle back into my blogging groove .

When I started my first blog back in 2011 I just totally fell in love with blogging , it got to a stage I was blogging everyday and was getting ideas for blog posts in my sleep . Then life got in the way and I started my Youtube channel but now life has settled off and I have this new fresh piece of the internet and now I want to start growing it and making it feel loved .

While I was vlogging I was also planning out my month and what I was going to do , I feel like a total blogging beginner again and just as nervous now as I was when I started my first blog . I don’t mind how much or how little this grows over the month but I am going to use some of the many hints and tips that I have found on the internet  . So here are my many plans and I am sure as the month goes on there will be more :

  • I am going to use my social media more I have been really slacking on this  , so I will be using my Twitter : @mybusyfarmlife  , my instagram : mybusycountrylife , my pinterest : @busycountrylife , Facebook : mybusycountrylife and Snapchat : elaineslife . So pop by or send me a snap .
  • I have signed up for a three week Improve your blog course with We teach social which I am hoping will refresh the world of blogging for me  , it starts Monday with an email each day for the three weeks .
  • I am going to try blog everyday during the whole month of November and for the days when I am lacking inspiration I am going to use some of the ideas from the 30 day writing challenge below .
  • I am going to try do weekly videos every Sunday on my Youtube channel my busy country life vlog and link them with a blog post .
  • I am going to try improve the quality of my blog pictures and use my vlogging camera to take more of them .
  • I am going to the blogger conference in the Marker hotel in Dublin on 22nd November so I can see how much things have changed since I blogged last .
  • I am going to work on my about page and sort out my media kit which for this blog will be small but I will hopefully be adding to as the months and years go by .

I will be adding to my blog / vlog board on pinterest  , adding all the interesting and helpful tips I find during November  .

So there are my plans , Am I mad ? will it work ? will I manage it for a month ? I suppose unless I start I just won’t know really will I  . If anyone would like to join me then leave a comment below  , tweet or snap me maybe I will start our own Facebook page to share what we know and support each other during the month if you would like this let me know  . I will be sharing everything I learn along the way with you guys but it would be nice to have company along the month ?

So here are my very small starting stats :

Blog views October : 1167

Twitter followers : 1387

Instagram : 466

Pinterest : 74 .

So there is my start point as they stand tonight , I really hope you guys will join me and we can help each other grow our little spaces .

Let the growth begin .

Elaine x .