What I Learned This Week.

  • That you need to visit new places to see your home/ farm with fresh eyes.
  • That the summer weeks have started to speed up a little on me.
  • That we are going everyday to the RDS Dublin horse show our tickets arrived yesterday.
  • That high waisted jeans are the only way to go to stop that god awful over hang on my jeans and possibly stop eating so much junk but we will start with the high waisted jeans.
  • I have found a way of stopping Sid telling me he is hungry all day long, make him a breakfast smoothie. He isn’t half as hungry now during the day.
  • The summer heat has disappeared.
  • That my blogging plan went arse ways this week.
  • That I am going to do the August Break with Susannah Conway and I can’t wait. I have loved her blog for years now.

What I Learned This Week.

  • It’s a dogs life ! This is my shadow who follows me everywhere she can and most mornings sneaks upstairs for a snuggle.
  • That the old ways are still the best sometimes, like leaving Sids porridge out on the window sill to cool down because he is STARVING as he is always telling me.
  • That its good to meet up with family and friends you haven’t seen in years and just catch up.
  • That if you get an invite to one wedding in a year you will get an invite to ten.
  • That its just too warm at the moment for porridge for me.
  • That when the farmers are spreading slurry I need a room that they can leave all their clothes and boots in and get a wash before they come into the house !. The slight smell of slurry in the house is not pleasant.
  • That this years potatoes haven’t reached that burst open dryness yet and they are still really expensive.
  • That you can be a tourist and have a lovely day away less than two hours from home if you set your mind to it.
  • That my gluten free cornflakes has so much more added sugar than just normal cornflakes, which I don’t understand.
  • That the best cup of tea I have had in a cafe in ages and the best gluten free scone I have ever had I got in a little cafe in Kilkenny just across the street from Kytelers Inn in the city. The scone beat the ones I get in Avoca hands down! and the farmer said their normal scones were amazing and only 4.95 for tea/coffee and a scone.


So there is what I have learned this week, how has your week been? 

What I Learned This Week.

  • I learned yesterday how to to take moody photos like the one of Sid above.
  • I learned that its really nice to meet people you know for years online off line.
  • That I have an idea for something floating around in my head for a while and maybe I should start seeing can I get it into action.
  • I learned that if you work hard enough anything is possible after a really nice email from my editor.
  • I learned that the only way to stop having to go everyday to the shop is to do a really good weekly food shop, only had to go for milk and read once this week.
  • I had thought all my hormonal issues were easing up the last few months but no it hit with force again this month.
  • I learned that the only way I can have a productive week is to use my planning by three.
  • I also learned that even when I have it all planned and have the best intentions there are times when I just won’t get it all done.
  • That we need to just stop and make the most of time when we are off from work, myself and Sid decided on Wednesday to just head to the beach and we had a great time.
  • That I would read a lot of books if I didn’t have to work.

What did you learn this week?

It’s Good To Be Home.

This is one of my favourite times of year, I get the chance to be off for the school summer holidays. It’s so nice to be at home full time for these few weeks, all those jobs around the house and yard that have been bothering me can  now be sorted or at least a plan put in place to get them sorted. So today I have had my first full week off and what a busy week it was, from pony camp to going back riding blue and pulling ragwort, cleaning out a huge bookshelf to trying to clean the whole place inside and out, helping with sheep and mucking out, I possibly didn’t spread out the work enough and wore myself out.

It was lovely to be able to get up and take my time over breakfast, to be able to turn off the alarm that tells me I need to get ready for work and to have time to go watch Sid play because I am not against the clock from morning till night. Now in saying that last week was a very busy, stressful and tiring week and it was because I did too much all at once. I felt angry when I didn’t reach on everything I wanted to do (i wasn’t thinking I have 9 weeks off) and that hadn’t been happening since I started setting my three jobs a day, it made me much more content and productive so this week it’s back to my three goals.

So how I have planned my week this week is I have set three goals that have to be done at some stage this week, they are to write my first three pieces for the new magazine and send them to the editor, strim all the weeds and long grass out of the paddock at the front of the house and strim around the house as well and to get my hair colour done for a wedding I have on Saturday. Then each day I have a list of three jobs that need to be done that day with extra jobs listed if I get the first three done. I have found this for me makes my life seem so much easier, makes me feel that I am getting what I need to get done everyday and if I get more than the three done its a bonus, I also know at the end of the week I will have reached every target I set myself and that’s a really good feeling.

So that’s the plan for this week, how do you organise your time each week? or do you just let it all fall into place each week?


I Am Going To Write.

” Say yes to new adventures” – unknown

” The key to success is to start before you are ready ” – Marie Forleo

While I was cleaning the car today, which is the worst job ever and took me an hour, I got a very exciting phone call. There is a new Women’s magazine launching at the end of September. It will be called Life Plus and I have been giving the task of writing a monthly piece for it all about slow living, I can’t believe it! . I am nervous and excited in equal measure, I have only ever written for you guys and now what I write will be online somewhere else and eventually in print, in a real shop!.

So over the next few weeks I will be settling down and writing my first three pieces, can you believe it ? little old me getting a chance like this. I will keep you guys posted on when it’s out so you can all give it a look.

Time To Let Them Go Again.

“When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it’s our job to share our calm, not join their chaos”  – L.R Knost.

We have come to the end of another Montessori school year, another group of kids and parents have passed through my room, all I can think this evening after our graduation is where did the year go. We started the year together full of tears and fun and we ended our year after learning so much from each other. There is never a class that I don’t learn something from and this year was no different. I have over the years been very, very lucky with both the kids and parents I have had the pleasure to come through my class and it is as hard to say goodbye to my parents as it is to the kids on their last day ( which is Tuesday for me) . There will be some very lucky primary teachers getting my little people in September, while I will be getting the next little bundles to spend the year with again learning loads together and having lots of fun.

I can say that I truly love being a Montessori teacher, I love seeing the kids bloom and grow into independent, interested and caring people with a love of learning in all its forms. So for our last few days we will have lots of fun, sweets and look forward to the next kids and parents I will welcome into my class in September.

The best thing about being a Teacher is that it matters. The hardest thing about being a teacher is it matters everyday” –  Todd Whitaker.

That Summer Fear.

Does anyone else have the summer fear? That fear of the sun and needing to show a little more skin than normal? Well I had the fear, I didn’t always have the fear but now I do. I was totally care free, the minute the sun came out so did the short skirts, shorts and little tops I was also a size 10!.

Then life caught up on me along with years of chocolate and bad food choices and lets just say it all landed from my hips to my knees. I am at the moment a tight size 12 or a loose size 14 and I carry 80% of my weight around my hips, tummy and the tops of my legs. Carrying your weight here results in rolls over the top of your jeans and having to get the waist size bigger than you need just to fit your legs into. This is the reason I feel the same fear now each summer, I need to keep my legs covered. They are not the prettiest pair, they are well covered with lumps and bumps and wobbly bits and they are snow white as you can see from the above photo ( I was really feeling the fear by putting that up their for the world to see ) you nearly need sun glasses to look at them.

Then this beautiful warm weather arrived, everyone else was in their shorts and pretty dresses, so as the saying goes feel the fear and do it anyway and that’s what I did. I had bought two pairs of linen shorts at the start of the summer with the plan of wearing them at some stage but all the time secretly hoping the weather would never come. Then the sun arrived and I just couldn’t cope so after the jobs that need to be done to let your legs out like shaving and such jobs the shorts went on. I did spend a good ten minutes talking myself into leaving them on, leaving my bedroom and then I walked down the stairs and outside into the world. Now its Thursday and I am still wearing shorts everyday, I have been to the shops in them, on the school pick up and so far no one has told me to put my legs away and I haven’t frightened the sun.

When you feel there is a part of your body that no one should ever see it nearly makes you break out in a panic sweat just thinking about it but it is really ok to just do it. I am now loving my shorts and heading for 40 this year I need to embrace what I have because I will never have the legs, tummy or hips I had in my teen’s and twenties but what I have now is all mine and I am going to let these bumpy, white and stocky legs get some sun and see some of the world.

Who else has the summer fear? How do you cope? leave a comment below and let me know.