New Magazine Launch.

Where has the time gone? it seems like only a few weeks ago I was all excited about getting the opportunity to write a monthly piece for a new women’s magazine launching the end of September. I was being given a chance to write about something I love but don’t share that much here on the blog for some reason, slow living. Now here we are nearly three months after I submitted my first three pieces to our editor Nicola OHanlon, only three days away from its online launch.

I am still amazed and grateful to Nicola for giving little old me this chance and I am getting to work with some other pretty amazing and talented women. So a little about this new magazine, hands up who loves all the high end fashion magazines? hands up who drools over all the designer clothes? hands up who knows that one they possibly cant afford whats in the pages of the magazine and who also knows that while the latest dress on the very stunning model is amazing not one leg would even fit into it for the rest of us. Well this is the magazine for you, a magazine for all ages, sizes, backgrounds and interests. A magazine full of real life , with real inspiration and realistic goals to reach. This magazine will hopefully leave you inspired when you are finished not wishing you could win the lotto or were a size 0.

I asked Nicola during the week if there was anything she would like me to put in this post and this is what she said about our magazine ” really is meeting women where they are at, encouraging women to see themselves in a more positive light, articles written about real life topics, and having a lifestyle website that is bypassing the celebrity role model and having relateable role models instead.” . We want everyone to enjoy this, get inspiration and bring realistic goals into their own lives.

I am so excited and nervous for Friday which is launch day, I want it so badly to be a success as does everyone else. We want to inspire you all, so now I am going to ask you all to give the magazine a follow on Twitter on our Instagram and to go sign up to our website so you will get a notification the minute it launches on Friday.

There are also two hashtags to use one is the magazine tag which is #lpliving please use it on your social media so we can see what you guys all think and the hashtag for my piece each month is #lpslowlived which I will be using and I hope you will as well.

I wont be able to sleep the next two nights.

When The Size Just Doesn’t Add Up.

Should the numbers on our clothes define us, should our dress size in any given shop dictate how we feel about ourselves on any given shopping trip? It shouldn’t but it does and no matter what anyone says to you, you will not be happy in your skin. I was obsessed with the size of my clothes, the number was so important and it was totally depressing if I didn’t fit the size I wanted. I often left dressing rooms feeling physically sick about the way I looked, how fat I had obviously gotten since the last shop and how many rolls of skin I had either above or hanging over whatever jeans I tried the squash myself into. I took how I felt out on the farmer and then I ate more chocolate to add to the rolls.

That was until about two years ago I had a very interesting jeans shopping trip in a large high street store that completely opened my eyes to how silly I was being. The last time I bought jeans in this store I was a comfy size 14, they were my favourite pair, so comfy and a new pair was needed. I went with my jeans to a brightly lit dressing room delighted to get a new pair, then I tried them on, they wouldn’t come past my knees hardly. I checked the size to make sure it was a 14, it was and then that feeling of just hate at how could I have gained more weight ?. I peeled them off and forced myself to get a size 16 to try and then it happened, they didn’t fit me either! and the size 18 was the same they all only came a bit above my knees. Then I laid them all on top of each other that was when  I noticed what was wrong, while the waist size was getting bigger the leg size wasn’t !. The size 8 jeans had the same leg size as the size 18, sure that wasn’t going to work for anyone only those maybe size 8 or 10 but the rest of us were fecked. This was when I started to check some other stores and they were the same, this was what for years was making me hate my size because the retailers were making it impossible for me to have a positive experience while clothes shopping when they all had a different idea of each size. That was the last time I worried about the numbers on my clothes because numbers are all they are, they are not who I am or what I look like.

That was two years ago now, I haven’t been back in that shop since. I found a store that I love , Next who’s sizes have fitted me constantly for the last two years ( this is not sponsored by them I just love their clothes) . I feel good wearing their clothes and I don’t really look anywhere else for my clothes, they also have a great online service which has a great selection for all ages and sizes this is where I normally buy from them.

What the whole jeans thing taught me was find a clothes brand that fits you well, makes you feel good and makes you look good, one you enjoying trying on their clothes. Clothes will never be the same size in every store so a size 12 in one could be a size 16 in another and this is why we need to forget the numbers and wear what makes you feel sexy, beautiful, confident and totally happy in your skin no matter what the numbers say. Trust me it will ease all your shopping stress, It has for me.

What clothing brands do you love? that always have a good fit ? I would love to hear, leave a comment below.


Monday Motivation,another new year. 

For me today it’s another year over , goodbye 37 hello 38 . Today is also a start of a very busy week and the start of growing this blog and not half arsed doing . 

Have a great week everyone 🙂 

What are your plans for your week ? 

Elaine x .