August Break Day 1: Morning.

The highlight of my morning is my breakfast, I love having time to enjoy it. I normally try to take nearly an hour for breakfast, having porridge everyday, a bucket of coffee and something to read.

Taking An August Break 2017.

One of the first ever blogs I read was one by Susannah Conway , her Instagram was also one of the first I started following. Her blog is beautiful , well written and a joy to read and her photos are just an inspiration. When I started blogging first I felt bad that one of my favourite bloggers wasn’t an Irish one, I felt at times I should have been following more Irish bloggers and sharing the love but I just couldn’t find many that I enjoyed and even now most of my favourite blogs and Instagram accounts are based outside of Ireland but sshhhh don’t tell anyone.

So this break I am talking about is a break from the usual, a break to try something different, an excuse to take different photos than you would normally and an excuse to have fun for a month. So I will be back to posting daily but just a lot more photos for the month, maybe some days I will have a chat, maybe it will be just a picture of what ever that days prompt is or maybe it will be ten photos. I am really looking forward to this because I loved the month I blogged everyday and I am missing it a little which is why I am so looking forward to this.

If you would like to join in then Susannah has a prompt for everyday on her blog for us all to follow and share, here they are.


The hashtag is #augustbreak2017 so everyone taking part can see your photos and there is also a Facebook page but all details are on her blog so go have a look.

So tomorrow is the first day and its all about the morning, I will be sharing mine on my Instagram so come have a look and will be sharing on my stories as well.

See you all in the morning.

What I Learned This Week.

  • You can find something very pretty in the most unusual place.
  • There are times when we just need some peace.
  • That staying up late binge watching a programme on Netflix is hard the day after.
  • That the world of Instagram and hashtags is a total mystery to me still.
  • That I have fell out of love with Snapchat. 
  • That I am not brave enough to show my face on my Instagram stories.
  • That only for doing the year in books I wouldn’t make time to read at all.
  • I am enjoying the new programme on Sky1 called Jamestown.
  • That gluten free scones even from Avoca still don’t taste as good as normal ones.
  • That I can start the countdown to our summer break. (6 weeks till I am off for 8 weeks) 

What have you learned this week ? And please come give my Instagram a follow. 


What I Learned This Week.

  • That the plans you make at the start of the week probably won’t happen.
  • That the month of May can be really cold.
  • That when the sun comes out it’s nice to make the most of it.
  • That enjoying the fine weather on the back of my favourite horse is good for the soul.
  • That in four weeks time I am going on a short holiday for three days and I can’t wait.
  • That the more sleep you get the worse you feel.

So how was your week ? What did you learn? If you would like to see more of my week come follow on Instagram .