August Break Day 3: Roses.

Today I want to share a hashtag on Instagram that I am loving and it’s #gothictonic . The photos in this tag are moody, dark and beautiful all at the same time, some look more like old oil paintings than photos. This is the second photo I am going to use this hashtag with the first one was this.

Have a look at the hashtag on Instagram and let me know what you think.

What I Learned This Week.

  • That the weeks and days slow down the closer to the summer break we get.
  • That I needed a distraction for this month and went and found myself one.
  • That there is nothing nicer than a bunch of fresh flowers and clean windows.
  • I am really looking forward to a few days away. 
  • That I have a lot to do for the next month in work.
  • That Instagram stories are a scary place to show your face.
  • That blogging everyday is hard but we are on day 4 today, that’s a new record for me.

So that was this week a simple one, what did you learn this week ? 

Our Wedding Day . 

God it’s hard to believe that it’s over two weeks now since our wedding day ! Where does the time go ? It seemed to take forever for the day to arrive and I didn’t think I was stressing over the wedding yet all my teeth started to pain me the week before the wedding , I hadn’t slept right in three weeks and I was getting bad palpitations everyday . So I must have been stressing somewhat . 

I had some issues with family a couple of days before the wedding which didn’t help the stress but I spoke to a few different people about it and that helped relieve the stress . The night before the big day we all stayed in one of my bridesmaids house for the night , we got our spray tans done , had a take away and relaxed this was the first night I had slept in three weeks . 

The next morning we were up early and started to get ready around nine with hair and make up . 

One bridesmaid also made us a huge fry which is needed on such a big day . We were ready by eleven so had an hour to wait till our car arrived to bring us to Kilrush to get dressed . 

I was starting to get excited on the way up and was looking forward to getting my dress on . We got to the church at 2.10pm and Robert walked me down the aisle . Sid had a few jobs on the day one was giving out the scrolls at the door , walking first down the aisle and then pulling pints of Guinness at the reception . 

The service went so fast that it was all just a blurr of giggles 🙂 . 

Next we headed to the hotel where our horse waited for us with a rug the girls got for me which said About time 🙂 . After family photos we all headed for our dinner , our first dance and all the madness that followed , all I can say was it was the best day of my life and I loved every minute of it 🙂