Europe’s Largest Outdoor Festival.

On Wednesday and Thursday last week myself and the farmers headed to Europe’s largest outdoor festival ! . When I think of festivals I think of summer time, loads of music, face paints, shorts and fancy wellies and very trendy famous people with farming being the last thing I would think of. Europe’s largest outdoor festival is actually all things farming, food and enterprise with a little bit of music and dancing thrown in but no muddy fields full of tents. The National ploughing Championships this year were on Tues, Wed and Thurs the 19th to 21st of September and was held in Screggan in Co Offaly.  The ploughing is a yearly event that over the three days attract over 200,000 people, they come from far and near to see millions of euro worth of machinery, livestock and food. This day out is planned from one year to the other in a lot of houses and we haven’t missed it in years. This is an event for not just the farming community but for everyone as there is just so much to see and do and even though the weather this year on the Wednesday was crap we still wouldn’t have missed it, after all isn’t that what rain gear is for ?

This year was also a little special as the eldest farmer ( on the right) received his award from Dairymaster on the Wednesday and was presented it to him by the Minister for Agriculture, Micheal Creed. The two lads worked hard ( partied hard )on their thesis and it payed off in the end, they both started college together and received their awards together as well.

There were lots of cute animals to see and also a pink Valtra tractor for breast cancer, I couldn’t convince the farmers that we really needed this tractor.

For the last couple of years I have curated the @IrelandsFarmers twitter account on the Wednesday of the ploughing, taking photos and some videos during the day to share with the over 12k followers the account has, this year I got to curate for two days, the Wed and Thurs and it was made extra special as on the Wednesday it and myself were number 1 in the top 5 journalists to follow for the plouging which I was delighted with as its a great account giving people a inside view of real life on a farm. Here is the link below.

We put together a list of the top 5 journalists tweeting from #ploughing17.

So that’s the ploughing over for another year and we are all looking forward to next year already, Roll on September 2018.


Girls Can’t Do That.

Where do kids learn/hear this? I would love to know because in this day and age there is very little if anything a woman cant do. In this house its very equal, I would be expected to be able to do just about anything the farmers can do, there is never a moment when they would say you are a woman you won’t be able to do that. When there is talk of machinery I would be included the same as anyone else in the house and when something breaks it would be explained to me in as much detail as anyone else.

When we are doing any work on the farm there has never been a time when the littlest farmer has ever heard anyone say you cant do that work, drive that digger, catch those sheep, feed those calves or do that paperwork and yet he is fully convinced a girl as he says can’t do these jobs!.

A week after he was born I was back teaching horse riding and he was and has been with me everyday there is lessons since, any work that I have to do on the farm he has always been with me and has always seen me work the same as the rest of the farmers  which is why I just don’t understand where he is getting this idea from. He is positive a girl can’t be a farmer, cant drive any machines, cant milk cows but we can do any work with the horses!. We are getting a farm office in the next month or so and on Sunday Sid informed us that it was going to just be for the farmers (boys) and not for me to use, when the farmer asked him why I couldn’t use it he said I wouldn’t know how to do the paperwork and he knows and sees that  I am the only one who does it at the moment.

So I asked him why he thinks a woman couldn’t do all the above and his response was because your a girl. So I asked him where he was hearing all of this and he said in school which makes me sad. I am sad that when he is in school this is how women are being talked about, that this is the view young boys have of women when a lot in the school come from a farming background and even though he sees everyday that the woman in his life can and does do the same jobs as the men in his life what he hears in school is out weighing what he sees in his day to day.

I am hoping that as he grows he will change his views on what any woman can do, that what he sees will out weigh what his friends or anyone else says and maybe he will educate them. I want all my boys to see that we are equal and the two older boys are really good that way so I hope Sid will grow up to be the same.

How do you deal with things like this? 



Get To Know Me And A Blog Challenge.

So normally when you start a blog you start by introducing yourself to everyone but because I already had a blog before this one I just guessed everyone knew me when I started this one. I have been having a very stressful 2017 so far and May has been health related and I need a distraction from myself so I am going to set myself a blog and Instagram challenge. From today I am blogging daily for the month, posting to my Instagram everyday and using my Instagram stories to share my days even showing my face.

I am hoping you will all join me, go follow my Instagram and help distract me for the month.

So to kick off the month I am going to introduce myself very quickly because my life is a busy one. I am Elaine, I will be 40 this October and I am the mother to three amazing boys who make me proud every day. I had my first two boys in my late teens and Sid when I was 32. I am married to Paul who is normally called the farmer in posts for nearly 2 yrs now but we are together for 23yrs this June. We started to other way around, family first then marriage. We have had various jobs over the years but we started farming 7yrs ago now and we love it, it takes up a lot of our family life in this house. I was born on the farm we own now and Paul was always farming when he was a teenager. One of my passions is horses and we started our Riding centre and livery in 2003, another passion is teaching. I am a Montessori teacher during the week and a horse riding instructor at the weekends. I love books, coffee, getting my nails done, chocolate and the beach. I found out last year I am Coeliac and this February I found out I have a kidney stone which is still there and am at the moment getting tests done for some other things which is why I need this distraction. So there is a condensed version of my life and I will share more over the month.

I really hope you will join me and give my Instagram a follow.

See you all tomorrow,


What I Learned This Week.

  • Getting time on the farm is always good.
  • My baby calves from December are getting big.
  • Having holidays are nice even if you just stay at home.
  • A surprise email can make your day.
  • Kids don’t need fancy gadgets or the latest toys to be happy.
  • Getting a new bed can be like winning the lotto.
  • There are never enough clean cups.
  • I need to start wearing sun cream on my face.
  • If you are stressed it will eventually just boil over.
  • Five minutes sitting in the sun reading a good book is really nice. 
  • Spending less time on social media is also nice and I am not missing it yet. 
  • If there is chocolate in the house I am going to eat it.

How has your week been? Happy Easter everyone.