Our Summer Adventures: Week 1 and 2.

Sorry there was no post yesterday but I want to share with you some of our adventures we are having this summer so I will be posting on a Tuesday now instead of a Monday. For the summer Mondays are mine, the farmer and Sids day off so we are trying to head away from  the yard for that day. So last week it was the farmer who decided where we went and we headed to the beautiful city of Kilkenny. This is a beautiful place to visit with so much to see and do. We parked in the car park beside the river which wasn’t expensive, we were parked most of the day. We headed to the shopping centre first and then back down the town to get some lunch. Now being coeliac getting food out when we are away is always a little nerve wracking because you want to get good food and also not limit the farmers as to where they can eat so we tried Langtons, they had a huge choice for us all and there was no problem with me getting gluten free. After lunch we headed to see the castle which just like something out of a fairy tale. You can go on a tour of the castle but we didn’t we just enjoyed the grounds which has a playground, acres of grass to play on and a beautiful rose garden.

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We then headed back to look at the rest of the shops along the streets of Kilkenny and stopped into a little cafe just across from Kytelers Inn for the best scones and tea I have tasted in ages they even have gluten free. We spent the whole day in Kilkenny and enjoyed every minute of it, its a beautiful place and Sid didn’t get bored once.

So yesterday it was my choice and I brought the farmer and Sid to the Irish national stud and Japanese gardens in Kildare. There is free parking at the stud, there are picnic tables in the car park if you didn’t want to buy food when you were there. It cost 29euro for the three of us to entry the stud which isn’t expensive when you see the size and the up keep of the place. We went to see the gardens first and they are so pretty with a stone track to follow and a map to explain each stop on the way.

Sid loved exploring the gardens and looking into all the little tunnels and caves. When we were finished in the garden we headed to the restaurant for our lunch. It was 33euro for the three of us for our lunch and there are lots of gluten free options on the menu.

We ate our lunch out on the terrace and this was our view along with a swan and her baby.


After lunch we headed to the best bit or for me anyway, the stud farm. This place is just a horse lovers dream but it is equally beautiful for anyone. On the stud you get to look around all the stable yards, the stallions have air conditioning in their stables!. You get to meet some mares and their foals, see some of the top stallions they have and meet some legends of racing like Hardy Eustace, who we got to rub he is really friendly.

We got to visit the racing museum, see a video of a foal being born in the stud and learn a little about the man who started the stud back in 1900, Colonel William Hall Walker and how he believed the stars sealed the faith of each foal born and that every horse should be able to see the stars from their stable.

There is a playground near the mares and foals and also a fair door trail right around the stud for the kids to follow. Each fairy they find has an important job on the stud and each child gets a map for them to follow. Sid loved this but he did want to take home this foal, she was such a friendly little thing looking for rubs from everyone who went past. This is a great day out for all the family even if you have no interest in horses and its fully accessible to buggies or wheelchairs.

So there are our first two summer adventures, where have you been this summer on your adventures ? would love to hear all about them.

Our Summer.

Where does the time go , eight weeks over and done in the blink of an eye. Tomorrow is back to school for Sid and Thursday I am back , uniforms have been checked and tried on , new hair cut and all ready for school in the morning.

At the start of the summer holidays we decided we would try and do something out of the yard at least every second Sunday because trying to get a day to leave a farm or have a day when there are no jobs to be done can be a rare event but not this summer. We had a great summer of days away  , over night stays and trips for ice cream and walks on the beach. We had a great summer and the furthest we traveled was maybe an hour from home for anything we did. We had cheap days away and we loved everything about our summer staycation , we played tourist in our own county and area where we live.

  • I bought fresh flowers every second week to brighten up the kitchen where we spend most of our time.
  • We went to our local beach a lot to swim and just for relaxing walks with the dogs the beach is such a nice place to be.
  • We did lots of farm jobs and plans for the future on the farm.
  • We went to Glendalough in the middle of the week.
  • We had fun pony camps and Sid started horse riding something I couldn’t get him to do before the holidays.
  • I got to drive the 50b that’s a big thing in a house of boys. ( the 50b is our farm digger )
  • We went four days out of the five to the RDS Dublin international horse show and loved every minute of it.
  • I took a little social media break and cut down on all my social media which freed me to relax with my family.
  • We went down to Kilmore Quay which is so pretty and has the best fish and chips.
  • Liam had his debs , got his final exam results and got his place in his dream college course.
  • I had lots of late mornings in the bed.
  • I rode lots of horses.
  • I took the time to read three books in just seven weeks  , that is a new record for me normally I am a book a month person.
  • We stayed one night in a suite in the hotel we got married in last year.
  • We ate outside in the sun and made the most of all the sunny days.
  • We went for lots of ice creams  , very important to get ice cream after any work with sheep.
  • We brought Sid for his first train journey , he wasn’t a huge fan.
  • We relaxed and had fun and all near home.

I thought at the start of the summer the only way to have a fun summer was to be miles away from home doing something fun and exciting but what I learned this summer was that its just as nice to sit in the sun , a nice cup of coffee , a good book and just relax.

I hope everyone else had a good summer and roll on the Autumn and lots more trips and adventures.

Elaine x.