August Break Day 3: Roses.

Today I want to share a hashtag on Instagram that I am loving and it’s #gothictonic . The photos in this tag are moody, dark and beautiful all at the same time, some look more like old oil paintings than photos. This is the second photo I am going to use this hashtag with the first one was this.

Have a look at the hashtag on Instagram and let me know what you think.

August Break Day 2: Gold

Last week we ran out of milk and had none from breakfast so I went to one of our local supermarkets, they were giving out free bunches of flowers to everyone doing their shopping, it brightened my morning and my kitchen, over a week later and they are still going strong. Their golden colours brighten my kitchen on grey summer days like today.

My Day In Photos.

Here is what my day was like yesterday. 

My day started at 6am with calf feeding.

Next was lunch making and breakfast.

Then it was time to clean up after breakfast and head to work till 2pm.

When I got home it was a very basic lunch definitely not good enough for instagram. 

Next was poop scooping time before it was time to collect Sid from school.

Next was homework with Sid and some more housework and getting the supper ready.

Time to feed the horses before its time to feed us.

After we have been fed it’s back down the yard to feed the calves again then it’s inside to clean up after supper and get Sid to bed.

And relax time to chill now before bed. So that was my Thursday and if you head over to my Snapchat @ elaineslife you can see all day today. 

What are your days like ? Leave a comment or Snap me and let me know. 

Elaine x.