Looking Forward To Summer Break .


The weeks are just flying by at the minute  , I have gone from not bother counting the weeks till our summer break to starting to wonder where is the time going and can I possibly slow it down ! . Myself and Sid have two and a half weeks left in school till we are both off for two months . I love teaching where I am now but I am still looking forward to having the weeks off . It is scary to think that when I am off our wedding will only be five weeks later .

I am looking forward to having the time at home with the boys , taking time on the farm and getting lots of jobs done , I am looking forward to walking most days and getting fit again and I am looking forward to our big day . When I watch Sid playing I am amazed how fast his first year has gone in school and how much he has grown . I was looking back on vlogs from last year and he has grown a lot which is both amazing and very scary in equal measure .

I hope the weather will be good to us and that we will get time to enjoy it at this busy time of year . When I am off over the summer I also want to take time out to get this blog up and running and set days during the week to blog . I have been so bad and not blogged since April !! So here is the start , a small post the ease me into it .

What are you looking forward to most about your summer ?

Chat soon xx.

Easing back into blogging slowly .

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This time last year I was blogging a couple of times a week and loved it , some months I would blog everyday and I never once found it hard to have something to blog about  . Then at the end of March last year that all ground to a sudden halt when I found out I had to go back to college for a year . Not only did my blogging stop so did just about everything else in my life !.

Yesterday I posted off my last assignment for college , I have my exams done and all passed so now I am free to claim my life back . What was that life ? well that’s the question I asked myself this morning when I was getting ready to go out and teach horse riding  . What exactly did I do in my spare time before college and the constant study and assignments and weekends in Dublin , what was it I put my time in doing ?.

Then it came back to me I used to blog a couple of evenings a week , I used to read a book a month now I have 13 waiting for me to read , I used to watch lots of vlogs and read other peoples blogs , I loved twitter and would spend my days chatting , I did an art class one night a week and I had time to ride my great old mare . I also had time to farm and there was very seldom a day where I didn’t farm  . College stopped all of that , I went to work , came home , did some housework and then the rest of my time was for college .

Well I am starting to take my life back slowly and I am starting with this little blog . I don’t know yet how often I will blog because I also vlog daily on youtube but I know I love blogging so I am sure it will be a couple of times a week . I am looking forward to getting back into blogging and chatting to everyone who reads them  and let me know in the comments if there is anything you would like me to write about in the comments below .

Chat again soon x .

A New Year With Big Plans .

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Happy New Year everyone and it’s going to be a year to throw away the old and reel in the new , I hope ! . I have lots of plans for this year some big ones like a wedding and some not so big like growing my YouTube channel www.youtube.com/mybusycountrylife to maybe even starting a second one that I put a weekly video on that can link to this blog as well , maybe videos on fashion , beauty , health and the other thing I love baking .

I am due to finish college in March and then I will be free to really focus again on vlogging and blogging because since I have started college my time has been taken up with it but this year I want to focus more on this than anything else . We have a wedding to plan for August so that is going to feature a lot I am sure over the coming months and maybe some of the things I find out along the way will be of help to others starting their own wedding planning .

I hope you guys will join in on this year of vlogging and blogging and we will I am sure have fun along the way  .

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year 🙂

Welcome To My New Blog .

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I have decided to start a new blog  , one that will work along side my Youtube channel, www.youtube.com/mybusycountrylife and one that won’t be just for the farm . My old blog is still there for everyone to see but I wont be posting to it anymore . I have so much more to share and some different directions I want to try so I felt a new blog was a way to go  , so Welcome ! .

I want to share more photos , videos and my new pursuit of perfection page that I hope you guys will add to as well  . I love blogging , vlogging and social media and now I feel its time I go a fresh direction and share some more of my interests with you all  . So here is to the first of many blogs about my busy country life .