That time already ! 

Where did our summer go ? There was no really nice summer weather and the whole thing just went by in a blur . I feel like we should still have weeks off not be going back to school on Monday ! 

The last two days have been so busy I haven’t even had time to tweet ! Sid was the first in the house to head back to school on Thursday . On Wednesday we had a great day before he went back but Wednesday night he was still telling me he was too shy to go to school and he didn’t want to go . 

I was hoping that over the summer he might have grown out of the whole not wanting to go to school but it was looking like he hadn’t . So Thursday morning we got up early , got dressed , let him pick his lunch , pretend to be excited he was going back and then off we headed to school . When we got there of course I had to go to the door with him , now he is in senior infants this year so I thought I might get away with going to the gate . Then it all changed , when it was time to go in I got a kiss and a hug and goodbye and that was it ! No fuss , no wanting me to go into his class just straight in on the first day back . 

When I went back to collect him he came running out and told me he had the best day ever in school and he was the same yesterday . Now that he is the big boy in the class he seems much more content we will just have to keep our fingers crossed it stays this way all year 🙂 

I am back to school on Monday to a new class of kids and I am in a way looking forward to it . Liam is back to school the same day he is going into Leaving cert this year another big year in the house and Robert is back to college in a weeks time , heading into his third year and the year he has to leave us for six months and head to somewhere like New Zealand . So a lot going on in this house again this year ! . 

Anyone in your house starting school / college ? Heading away ? Or doing exams ? Leave a comment and let me know .

Elaine x . 

Our Wedding Day . 

God it’s hard to believe that it’s over two weeks now since our wedding day ! Where does the time go ? It seemed to take forever for the day to arrive and I didn’t think I was stressing over the wedding yet all my teeth started to pain me the week before the wedding , I hadn’t slept right in three weeks and I was getting bad palpitations everyday . So I must have been stressing somewhat . 

I had some issues with family a couple of days before the wedding which didn’t help the stress but I spoke to a few different people about it and that helped relieve the stress . The night before the big day we all stayed in one of my bridesmaids house for the night , we got our spray tans done , had a take away and relaxed this was the first night I had slept in three weeks . 

The next morning we were up early and started to get ready around nine with hair and make up . 

One bridesmaid also made us a huge fry which is needed on such a big day . We were ready by eleven so had an hour to wait till our car arrived to bring us to Kilrush to get dressed . 

I was starting to get excited on the way up and was looking forward to getting my dress on . We got to the church at 2.10pm and Robert walked me down the aisle . Sid had a few jobs on the day one was giving out the scrolls at the door , walking first down the aisle and then pulling pints of Guinness at the reception . 

The service went so fast that it was all just a blurr of giggles 🙂 . 

Next we headed to the hotel where our horse waited for us with a rug the girls got for me which said About time 🙂 . After family photos we all headed for our dinner , our first dance and all the madness that followed , all I can say was it was the best day of my life and I loved every minute of it 🙂 


To keep my name or not ? 

With only four more sleeps to go till the big day these are the questions that are going round my head . 

Now I had made my mind up on this months , maybe years ago so for me it wasn’t an issue . The reason I ask the question is did you change your name ? And if so why did you change it? Why didn’t you keep your own name ? 

This is possibly the one question I have been asked the most about the wedding , Paul was even asked was I going to change my name ! . I decided I would change my name when I got married because I think it seals you as a team . It for me shows I am part of the same group or family and I know that might sound strange , how can a name make you a team but it does for me . I have lived in a house of Tobins and been the odd one out that is till Saturday . 

For me as well I am proud to have that as my second name and I feel I have earned the right to be Mrs Tobin . I have no attachment to my own name all my kids are Tobin and I have nothing I can’t change , so for me it was a given I would change my name on the day . 

We have had a long past with huge ups and downs over the years but we have gotten through them . We have worked hard on what we have and are working hard , very hard to get to where we want to be and to be asked to be Mrs Tobin is a great honour . I have friends who just wouldn’t change their names when they got married and when I asked them they couldn’t really give me an answer as to why they didn’t . I am interested to hear from you guys what your thoughts are on changing your name at marriage because on Saturday I will be Mrs Tobin 🙂 

Elaine 🙂 

My July favourites . 

So we are at the end of July already ! Where is the time going ? So this is the first post linking my little YouTube channel and this blog together . The first joint post / vlog is my July favourites . 

The first monthly favourite is my new obsession , The secret garden colouring book for adults . If you follow me on Twitter , Instagram or Facebook you will see the many photos I have been posting of this book . I love it and I love to colour ! . This is probably the most relaxing pastime I have found , it beats reading hands down and I LOVE my books but I haven’t read two pages of a book since I got this . You can get it on Amazon along with the other book Johanna Basford has called The enchanted Garden . 

  When I got my Secret garden colouring book I looked up what colours were recommended to be used with the book and theses are the two that were suggested . They are a little expensive to buy but well worth it if you want bright , vibrant and easy to use colours that don’t bleed into the next page then these are the ones to get . I bought both the pencils and pens in my local Tesco but you can also get them from Amazon so when you order your colouring book you could order these as well . 

  I am loving these little bracelets at the minute . I got them in the Joules shop in Kildare village and they are so comfy that I wear them a lot at the minute . 

So my next favourites are these beauty products which to be honest I couldn’t live without . The first is my Yon Ka Paris facial moisturiser . The beautician I go to for my facials uses this product and she introduced me to them . It is the most amazing face cream , I have very dry weathered skin and since I have started using this all dry patches are gone. They have products to suit all skin types and all ages and they just smell amazing ! . 

Next is my Sanctuary spa hand cream . I recently got a present of the hand wash from Sanctuary spa and we all fell in love with it . It is a hand wash and hand cream that leaves your skin soft and smelling amazing . For anyone who works with animals the hand wash is the first one I have found to get rid of bad smells from your hands . All the farmers here are loving it . 

Next is my totally tried , trusted and really well used foundation . My LOREAL Paris lumi magique foundation in beige is my go to foundation all the time . It’s light , doesn’t dry the skin , doesn’t look caked on which can happen with older skin and actually make you look much older and it lasts me all day . This bottle is nearly all gone but another one will be bought soon. 

Last on this months favourites are these two red lipsticks . I am loving red lipsticks at the minute so much so I have decided to wear the Kate one on my wedding day . The Kate by Rimmel London is number 107 and it’s one of their lasting finish lipsticks . I love the shade and it does last all day . It’s a lovely rich , deep colour that doesn’t dry out your lips . The last one is by Mac and it’s one of their cremesheen lipsticks in Brave red . Like my other two Mac lipsticks this one is really nice , it has a nice smooth feeling on your lips , doesn’t dry them out and lasts really well . Does anyone else smell their Mac lipsticks ? Or is it just me because they are so good to smell ! . 

So there is this months favourites and below is the video to go with them . Tomorrow is the start of VEDA , vlog everyday in August so I will be back with the camera in hand for most of August some days we will be missing due to weddings and honeymoon . 

Leave me a comment below on what’s your monthly favourites or let me know if you have any of mine and what you think of them . 

Elaine x . 

To blog or vlog ? 

This is a question I have been asking myself the last week or so . I have taken a little time out to think about which I would like to do the most . 

I started blogging about two years ago or a little more and really , really enjoyed every minute of it but in March 2014 I had to go back to college and the blogging had to stop. I missed it so much but decided I would vlog instead because it freed up my time to study and write assignments instead . Then when college ended and the pressure eased I found myself going back to reading the blogs I loved and blog posts starting to pop back into my head . 

Now I am here trying to decide if I should blog or vlog or both ?? . Another thing that is taking up my time is the wedding it’s only two weeks away now and time for blogging or vlogging or any social media to be honest is very limited . 

I have been thinking along the lines or linking my vlog and blog together and maybe daily vlogging every second month ? What do you think ? Would like to start doing monthly favourites posts and vlogs and maybe clothes ones or make up or book reviews . This is the line of thinking I am on at the minute along with of course the daily life here on the farm . 

I am hoping to blog our big day and the Honeymoon and then vlog the rest of August when we get home . That is my plan till September and then I intend on hitting this blogging thing full force because to be honest I LOVE blogging more than vlogging 🙂 . 

Let me know what you guys think I should do . 

Elaine x . 

My Hen Weekend .

So it’s just around the corner, the big day , the point of no return ! . It’s just flying by and I don’t know where it’s going . 

A tradition is to have a Hen for the girls and a stag for the boys . I am not a drinker and I would probably rather my bed than a night partying so trying to think of a fun Hen took a little time . 

I have to say now before I tell you guys about my Hen , I have two of the best bridesmaids any bride could ask for and they spoilt me rotten all weekend , love you guys 🙂 

The weekend started on the Saturday , after rushing in after lessons changing my clothes and getting Sam to do my make up, we all headed into The Primrose Cottage Cafe in Gorey Co Wexford for late afternoon tea . There was 14 of us at the tea party and all I can saw was at times it was totally mental . So much for a calm , peaceful tea party for the older ladies in our group ! 

The food was amazing and the table was laid out like a princess tea party , full of China cups and plates and very pretty cakes . 

After we had all settled in the girls started to bring me different bags they had made for me , from one full of knickers , one full of beauty treats and lots and lots more goodies . One was an apron with a totally new body for me . 

We played a question game that covered everything from what food would Paul lick off me to the wildest place we have had sex , I thought his sister and my mother might have had a stroke at this stage !! 

The last game they had was to make me a wedding dress from toilet roll so at least I will have a back up plan on the day if all else fails 🙂 

When all tea drinking was done it was time for home and bed to get ready for the next day of fun . 

The next morning started at nine and my bridesmaids presented me with this tea shirt , they had some as well with bridesmaid written on the back . We loaded into my car and headed for Abbyfield Farm in Clane in Co Kildare to do horse riding , clay pigeon shooting , air rifle shooting and archery . I think it was the most fun I have had in ages and while I didn’t hit many clays I had great fun trying . 

When we were finished we headed to the Osprey Hotel in Naas , where we all had two mini treatments and then had a beautiful dinner and I had a non alcoholic cocktail which was yum . 

We were in bed and asleep by half eleven after a really busy but fun day . The next more we were up and down for a huge breakfast by nine , one bridesmaid needed a little help to get up but that was sorted with a few drops of water 🙂 . We headed first to Kildare village for some shopping and I a pretty mug from Radley , I have a little mug obsession . 

After we had spent all our money in Kildare we headed to Newbridge silverware and looked at their style icon museum , god those women must never have eaten anything ! . It was really interesting to see all the clothes for years ago . We had our lunch here as well which was really tasty . We couldn’t come as far as the Curragh and not go to TRI Equestrian to have a look around at all the tack and yard clothes . We headed home after this but couldn’t finish our weekend without a trip to Eddie Rockets . 

If the wedding weekend which is now in two weeks !! Is half as much fun or I even laugh half as much I will have a great day . My bridesmaids organised my perfect Hen for me and I am very honoured they both said yes when I asked them . So roll on the big day and lots more fun and laughter 🙂 

Elaine x .