What I Learned This Week.

  • The average family uses six trees a year in paper, that’s a lot of trees !.
  • There are some amazing artists using waste to make beautiful works of art and here are two Ian Berry and Jane Perkins .
  • I am not a huge fan of bought smoothies they are normally a little sour for me but when I was shopping Friday I picked up two Innocent super smoothies tropical protein and the strawberry protein one and they are really good, creamy and not sour like it’s full of orange juice.
  • That spider plants have very pretty white flowers.
  • That if you really want something there is very little that will stop you, on Friday the new magazine I have been lucky enough for launched and I will be writing a monthly piece about slow living. Here is my first piece you can read it here
  • Its only 19 days now till I will be 40 !!!!
  • For anyone that enjoys a good planner and also likes to colour Johanna Basford has one out now. Its a 16 month planner with a page to colour each week, I got mine from Amazon and it arrived on Thursday.

Taking An August Break 2017.

One of the first ever blogs I read was one by Susannah Conway , her Instagram was also one of the first I started following. Her blog is beautiful , well written and a joy to read and her photos are just an inspiration. When I started blogging first I felt bad that one of my favourite bloggers wasn’t an Irish one, I felt at times I should have been following more Irish bloggers and sharing the love but I just couldn’t find many that I enjoyed and even now most of my favourite blogs and Instagram accounts are based outside of Ireland but sshhhh don’t tell anyone.

So this break I am talking about is a break from the usual, a break to try something different, an excuse to take different photos than you would normally and an excuse to have fun for a month. So I will be back to posting daily but just a lot more photos for the month, maybe some days I will have a chat, maybe it will be just a picture of what ever that days prompt is or maybe it will be ten photos. I am really looking forward to this because I loved the month I blogged everyday and I am missing it a little which is why I am so looking forward to this.

If you would like to join in then Susannah has a prompt for everyday on her blog for us all to follow and share, here they are.


The hashtag is #augustbreak2017 so everyone taking part can see your photos and there is also a Facebook page but all details are on her blog so go have a look.

So tomorrow is the first day and its all about the morning, I will be sharing mine on my Instagram so come have a look and will be sharing on my stories as well.

See you all in the morning.

Our Blogging Month Is Over.

We have reached the end of my challenge I set myself at the start of June, to blog everyday for the month, post to Instagram everyday and use Instagram stories more. The month flew by and I have loved every minute of it, getting into a routine of writing my posts at night to post the next morning.  I have used Instagram stories everyday except today ( Sid tried to break his face by falling on it today) and posted a photo to my Instagram. I missed two days blogging, one was near the start of the month and one was Tuesday which must be a personal record for me. I have loved every minute of it, I did wonder at the start if I would pass day three of the challenge but here we are on 30th June.

So did blogging and posting to Instagram everyday actually make much difference to my platforms?

To my blog it made a huge difference, my first blog I had a few years ago I was so good at posting to it but this one I was always a bit lazy. I always had an excuse as to why I couldn’t write a post, too busy, to tired, too early in the day, too late in the day or just nothing to post about. This month was the best decision I have made for this little blog and it is only a very little blog as far as blogs go!. When I started this month my monthly views were between 300 and 500 and this has now gotten to 1600 which is a huge jump for me  and I am delighted so many people took the time to come say hi. The amount of interaction on the blog hasn’t increased that much but I am also very bad at commenting on the blogs I read so maybe that’s something I will work on for July. I have never had a day when I didn’t have something to write about which is always good. So yes for blogging I think it is the case of more is better and you also start to hear your voice coming back.

Instagram now on the other hand is a bitch, there is no other way really to describe it. It is a place that tries to suck the good out of you and just make you depressed and feel totally crap. This is a place you need to really not care about the numbers because they for me and lots of others I know are in a constant cycle of change and not always in a good way.  I am on Instagram years and in the past three to four months have been really trying hard to up my game, I took a course, interacted with lots of other people and followed loads of new ones. Really tried hard with my photos and did anything over the month really change ? not really if you were to compare it to the change in my blog.  My followers at the start of the month were 692 they are now as I type 700, during this month I have reached 700 four times though and every time within 2 to 3 days I will be back to where I started or less, this is so depressing, I think now its a platform for the really big  and little fish like me just get eaten up and lost. On the plus side my stories have grow from 40 views a day up to 71 views so maybe video is the way to go ?. The other thing I found was that for me posting at 7am worked so much better than posting in the evenings so in the future that is one thing I will keep up.

So there is my month on the scale of it I am only a tiny speck on the blogging or Instagram world but they are my tiny specks and I love them both even if one is a bitch to use. I am loving stories as I am just to old for Snapchat so that is another thing that will stay now as well.

So will I keep it up now for July and longer? or will I slip back into my old lazy half arsed ways ?

Thats up to you, I am going to make you decide what it is you would like. Would you like three/four times a week on set days ? so you know that 7am on that day a post will be there or would you like me to keep up the everyday as best I can ? please leave me a comment here or on my Twitter or come give me a follow on Instagram so I might stay at or even pass 700. Whatever you guys let me know you would like to see I won’t be back till Monday because I am taking the next two days off.

Look forward to seeing which you want.


Sometimes It’s Good To Have a Rest.

It’s good sometimes to take a step back or away from some things when they start to take over your life a little too much. I like to do this every few months with all my social media. I like to ease up on my social media and read more, do some colouring, take more photos and just relax. 

Sometimes being on social media starts to take over your everyday. When you wake up you check every account you have , after breakfast , when you come home from work and spend all evening watching twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat then it’s time to take a little time to relax. 

So the last two weeks have been a lovely time of doing the other things I love , I have read three books , started my Instagram course , walks on the beach and chilling with Sid but now I am missing my social media so am back today , I can’t stay away any longer. 

So what have I missed with you guys ? 

Elaine x 

We Went Ploughing.

Today we got up very early , got all our jobs done and headed out the door at 6.20am for the National Ploughing Championships in Screggan Co Offaly. We were expecting the usual traffic delays and hold ups that come every year with the ploughing but it was good heading in this morning we were straight into the site but we did bring supplies to keep Sid busy in the car.

When we arrived of course the farmers were hungry so it was food time , we didn’t bring a picnic this year which I was sorry I hadn’t when we got our food. One sandwich , two packets of crisps , one nakd bar and a coffee was €12.50 and a breakfast roll and a bottle of water was €8. We then went to have a look around and I think if you were there for the three days you still wouldn’t see it all but here is some of what we did see.

Sid had a great day and there is lots for younger kids to do from sitting up in some of the machinery , heading to Ken Black’s for some toys, going to the playground or heading to the science foundation tent to try their had at some experiments there is lots to do.

The crowds were big i am not sure exactly how many people were there today but at one stage it just seemed to be all people.

The weather was good and there was no muck till lunch time then it all changed and the rain started , we got soaked to our bones again the day was over.

But we had a good day and enjoyed every minute of it. 

If you are thinking of going tomorrow I would advise wellies because even if it’s fine tomorrow there will be muck. Also when we were leaving today there was a few cars stuck in the parking and there was a long walk to the parking with tractors and trailers bringing people to and from the site. 

We had a great day and I really enjoyed sharing it on the IrelandsFarmers twitter account and on my Instagram

Looking forward to seeing all the tweets from it tomorrow but now it’s time for a coffee and to warm my bones.

Elaine x

Instagram V Snapchat.

So which is it for you guys? Instagram stories or Snapchat ? Or maybe it’s none of them. I was late to come to the world of Snapchat feeling it was more for  the younger generation of teenage or early twenties who shared messing in school / college and weekends out drinking. There wasn’t a place for me on it I felt but decided to give it a go and see how it felt so I set myself up on Snapchat @elaineslife and sent my first snap out into the world of nearly no one to be honest. I found it hard to find people to follow and to also spread the word that I now had little snaps of my day to share with the world. 

I kept trying it but was never comfortable on it enough to actually talk or show my face really and it killed me how hard it was on my battery. After using it for a while I had to have a snapchat clean out because it was full of bloggers showing off what they get sent in the post or some haul or other and I just got fed up seeing the same thing over and over again and those filters just gave me a pain. When the eldest farmer went to New Zealand I did find snapchat great because he could share his day with us and we could keep him up to date on what we were doing on the farm so it was great that way but it still wasn’t enough to keep me interested in it.

Then in the summer one of my all time favourite social media sites started their own stories. I have been using Instagram since I first started blogging years ago , I love taking photos when I have time and I love looking at other people’s photos. So when Instagram stories started I was excited to see what it would be like but I was also a little worried that it would turn into a place to share hauls and what was sent in the post. So I gave it a try on my Instagram and all I can say is I love it !. It feels more grown up than snapchat and it’s so much easier to find people to follow and you get the benefit of stories and their photos all in the one place. I was finding as well I was full time going from Twitter to Facebook to instagram to snapchat and then back again and that’s just way to much social media for any one person. The ease of having my stories and photos all in the one place is what sold instagram stories to me now there are still things that bug me about it like your stories loading out of sequence, some not loading or some taking ages to load and its slow I find to gain followers but I am hopeful this will all change over time. 

So for me it has to be Instagram all the way and I am sorry Snapchat but I don’t think you are for me. Some come say hi on my instagram so I can watch your stories and photos. 

Elaine x