The Year In Books 2017: September.

Ok so we have reached September the relaxed summer vibes are over and it’s time to get a little routine back up and running. I was fully convinced I had written a July year in books post but as I look back I see I didn’t which to be honest is probably just as well because I basically took nearly the whole summer off from doing nearly everything including reading. Now that September has arrived that’s going to change and with the dark evenings getting closer we all need some good books to read.

My book choice for September is The Cows by Dawn O’ Porter, I have just started it and so far I am really enjoying it. When I had Snapchat I used to love watching her Snaps, she is very funny so when I saw this book I had to give it a go. The other thing that drew me to this book was the name, living on a farm sure I couldn’t but get it ( so far there has been no mention of actual four legged cows in the book) .

So far this year I have read eight books which might be a new record for me but doing this #theyearinbooks has really pushed me to read loads. Let me know in the comments below what you are reading at the moment? and If you would like to read more about The Year In Books project head over the Laura’s Blog to read all about how she started it and follow the hashtag on Instagram and twitter to see what everyone else is reading but be warned doing this has really grown my to read pile of books !

Happy reading for September.

The Year In Books: June 2017.

Can you believe we are in June already? Where are the months going. Last month my book was The Zoo Keepers Wife and it was such a good read. It is a story of unreal strength and courage in times of awful hardship, I really don’t know how they did what they did. 

This month I am being a little ambitious and I am going to try to read two books. Both of these books I have found through Instagram. The first one is by Erin Loechner and it’s called Chasing Slow and the other is by Brooke Mcalary. These two women have beautiful Instagram feeds which you should check out, this is Erin’s and this is Brooke’s . 

If you would like to read more about The Year In Books look for the hashtag #theyearinbooks on Twitter or Instagram or check out Laura’s blog Circle of pine trees , she was the founder of the tag. 

The Year In Books: March 2017.

I did really well in February on the book front and managed two books, very short books but two none the less. The first one was The famous five go gluten free, it was OK but I wouldn’t recommend rushing out to get it. I had never read the famous five books as a kid so I didn’t understand the link between the characters and the story was slightly painful. The second book I read was This is not a diet book, this was a little more interesting but like that I wouldn’t rush out to buy it. It’s a book of tips on how small changes in your diet can help you feel more healthy. 

This month I am going to try The Light Between Oceans. This has been made into a movie recently but I want to read the book first before I see the movie. 

What is your book choice for March ? The next #theyearinbooks twitter chat is on next Monday 6th March at 9pm. 

Elaine x 

The Year In Books: January.

At the start of the month one of the tasks I set myself was to make time to read more than I have been over the last year or so. I was reading a book a month and some months two, then I started to get lost in my phone in the evenings, watching mindless rubbish, neglecting all my books but not this year. 

For a few years now I have loved reading a blog called Circle of pine trees , Laura’s post are inspirational and one monthly post she does is her year in books. Laura started this on her blog as a kind of book club of sorts four years ago, where she shared what she had read in a month and what she planned to read in the coming month. So this year I decided to challenge myself and all the other people who join Laura to do the same and read a book a month or maybe even two some months for the whole year. 

If you want to join as well and share your book choices then Laura has lots of ways to share and see what others are reading. If you have a blog you can share there monthly, you can post on your instagram and use the hashtag #theyearinbooks or on your twitter using the same hashtag. To find out more go to Laura’s blog the link is above and click on her year in books page, it’s at the top of her blog and all the information is there, I hope you join us. 

So for my first book of 2017 I am reading The shadow sister by Lucinda Riley. This is a book I got for Christmas and I am only hoping I get it finished it’s 665 pages ! Would be bad to fail on the first one. 

If you do join in please tag me in your posts to instagram or twitter so I can see what you are all reading. I am off now to tackle more of this book.

Elaine x