New Magazine Launch.

Where has the time gone? it seems like only a few weeks ago I was all excited about getting the opportunity to write a monthly piece for a new women’s magazine launching the end of September. I was being given a chance to write about something I love but don’t share that much here on the blog for some reason, slow living. Now here we are nearly three months after I submitted my first three pieces to our editor Nicola OHanlon, only three days away from its online launch.

I am still amazed and grateful to Nicola for giving little old me this chance and I am getting to work with some other pretty amazing and talented women. So a little about this new magazine, hands up who loves all the high end fashion magazines? hands up who drools over all the designer clothes? hands up who knows that one they possibly cant afford whats in the pages of the magazine and who also knows that while the latest dress on the very stunning model is amazing not one leg would even fit into it for the rest of us. Well this is the magazine for you, a magazine for all ages, sizes, backgrounds and interests. A magazine full of real life , with real inspiration and realistic goals to reach. This magazine will hopefully leave you inspired when you are finished not wishing you could win the lotto or were a size 0.

I asked Nicola during the week if there was anything she would like me to put in this post and this is what she said about our magazine ” really is meeting women where they are at, encouraging women to see themselves in a more positive light, articles written about real life topics, and having a lifestyle website that is bypassing the celebrity role model and having relateable role models instead.” . We want everyone to enjoy this, get inspiration and bring realistic goals into their own lives.

I am so excited and nervous for Friday which is launch day, I want it so badly to be a success as does everyone else. We want to inspire you all, so now I am going to ask you all to give the magazine a follow on Twitter on our Instagram and to go sign up to our website so you will get a notification the minute it launches on Friday.

There are also two hashtags to use one is the magazine tag which is #lpliving please use it on your social media so we can see what you guys all think and the hashtag for my piece each month is #lpslowlived which I will be using and I hope you will as well.

I wont be able to sleep the next two nights.

I Am Going To Write.

” Say yes to new adventures” – unknown

” The key to success is to start before you are ready ” – Marie Forleo

While I was cleaning the car today, which is the worst job ever and took me an hour, I got a very exciting phone call. There is a new Women’s magazine launching at the end of September. It will be called Life Plus and I have been giving the task of writing a monthly piece for it all about slow living, I can’t believe it! . I am nervous and excited in equal measure, I have only ever written for you guys and now what I write will be online somewhere else and eventually in print, in a real shop!.

So over the next few weeks I will be settling down and writing my first three pieces, can you believe it ? little old me getting a chance like this. I will keep you guys posted on when it’s out so you can all give it a look.

What Are Your Favourite Magazines ? Here Are Mine.

I used to spend a lot of money every month on all the fashion magazines ,getting a new one every time I went to a shop. I knew all the top designers, new up and coming talent and all the latest trends, now I wouldn’t know what is in fashion or not. Some of the reasons my reading choice changed are my age, as I get older I care less whether what I am wearing is current or not and I am sure now I won’t ever fit into any tiny designer dresses. Make up and skin care has been broken down over the years into the few  products I love and trust and I have let myself read about things I love rather than what everyone else is reading just to stay up with everyone else.

But possibly the main reason I passed totally on my glossy magazine fix was a video I watched which showed a top fashion magazine with all the ads taken out. What started as a magazine of 100+ pages ended up with maybe 30 made up of articles to read. So I was wasting my money and a lot if it monthly on glossy designer ads ! that was my turning point.

So what you see above are now the only magazines I buy monthly and two are only a few times a year. I have always had a love of anything creative, I am not a creative person but creative things really make me happy. I love the idea of making things simple, I love paper, books, food and art and these bring all I love together for me. 

I get them all online except Project calm which I get in Tesco and it was out yesterday. The first one is  The Simple Things 

I have been getting this for a couple of years now and I love it, it covers everything lifestyle and have beautiful photos and paper which is a good thing in a magazine. 

The next is 91 Magazine 

I am new to this one, it’s only my second one but this is just home and photo goals. This isn’t monthly, I think it’s every 6 months but it’s just gorgeous and one that you would look back over again and again. I spaced out reading mine over a month I didn’t want it to end.

The next is Flow Magazine

This is all things craft, paper, art, design and lifestyle as well. This one isn’t monthly and I get it delivered but you can buy it in good bookshops. 

The last is Project Calm Magazine

This is one I get in Tesco as they don’t have subscriptions set up yet for it but when they do I will be signing up. This is a little like the Flow magazine but it also has some yoga, wellness and lifestyle and I was hooked after the first copy. It’s a fairly new magazine but I am addicted.

So there are my magazine reads, the only ones that I buy now, the ones I ration how much I read so they will last longer because they are so good and the ones that I feel better for reading and not depressed like the fashion and beauty ones. 

Let me know what you like to read ? I would love to hear. 


The Lost Art Of Letter writing.


Letter writing isn’t something I have ever done much of and possibly the last time I wrote a letter was probably for something official and I more than likely used the computer not a pen and paper. The last letter I wrote to a friend was back in Primary school when in about 4th class you got paired with another kid from somewhere around the world and we had to in class write them a letter. Those letters were very basic and simple but we did use paper and pencils no technology was involved.

Then a couple of weeks ago I received a really nice hand written letter all the way from Canada and it just make my day. What made it so nice was the fact that a good friend had sat down , made the time to write to me and had made an effort to send me a little a very pretty letter and envelop. She had sat down and stuck pretty tape on the envelop , had put the letter into a pretty card and had send me a little bookmark. It was the effort she had made that made the letter all the nicer.

When I think of letter writing I always think of and old movie  , a romantic one where a woman has her nice paper and is writing her deepest feelings down to send to the love of her life. It conjours up images of men at war sending home letters to their families but it is not something I had ever thought of doing myself. That all changed when I received my very pretty letter in the post.


About a month ago now I found the magazine called FLOW in Easons and it caught my attention when I brought it home there was a little piece in it about the benefit of letter writing on your mood , relaxation levels and even how it has helped people with depression and I have to say I agree with their findings . I sat down yesterday and wrote my first letter since I was a kid and I loved ever minute of it . I loved picking the right paper to write on , finding a nice pen , picking out some nice things to decorate the card and envelop and I cant wait to send it on its way to Canada and for the one that will return in its place.

I hope the art of letter writing is not over and maybe we need to start a new trend of sending each other a little piece happiness , all it takes is a few minutes and some paper. So  I have a Question for you all , Would you guys like to start a letter writing group ? A group where we take the time to send each other a few words of happiness to brighten up someones day ? If you would then leave a comment below , send me a Tweet  or send me a snap on Snapchat @ elaineslife. If we get enough then I will start a closed Facebook page where we can share our details and start the letter writing :).

Elaine x.

An interesting magazine for bloggers. 

Last night after I had written my blog post for the day I settled on the couch to enjoy some blog reading . I love bloglovin for reading my blogs I follow and when I was reading Beauty crush blog I was very interested in a magazine she was featured in . 

It’s called Blogosphere and it is for bloggers written by bloggers so of course I had to go check it out . 

This seems to be a really good source of information for us bloggers . I have only had a few minutes to look at issue four and five so far but it covers everything from food to beauty , blogging questions to social media , new blogs to read and well known youtubers and bloggers . Here is the contents page of issue 5 just to give you an idea of what each magazine has to offer . 

I have ordered issues 1 – 3 in the print version and I downloaded issue four and five . The magazine is only at issue seven and Samantha from Beauty Crush blog is featured in it and as far as I know it’s out on 9th of November . 

From what I have seen so far I think this is a great magazine for all bloggers , those just starting out like me here or those that are more established there is something for everyone . I am going to subscribe to six issues tonight and give up another magazine I always get because I would much rather read this one . 

I hope as a new magazine it gets enough readers to keep going 🙂 

Here is the link to their site if you are interested Blogosphere magazine , have a look and let me know what you guys think or if you already get this magazine leave a comment and let me know what you think of it 🙂 

Elaine x