What I Learned This Week.

  • The average family uses six trees a year in paper, that’s a lot of trees !.
  • There are some amazing artists using waste to make beautiful works of art and here are two Ian Berry and Jane Perkins .
  • I am not a huge fan of bought smoothies they are normally a little sour for me but when I was shopping Friday I picked up two Innocent super smoothies tropical protein and the strawberry protein one and they are really good, creamy and not sour like it’s full of orange juice.
  • That spider plants have very pretty white flowers.
  • That if you really want something there is very little that will stop you, on Friday the new magazine I have been lucky enough for launched and I will be writing a monthly piece about slow living. Here is my first piece you can read it here
  • Its only 19 days now till I will be 40 !!!!
  • For anyone that enjoys a good planner and also likes to colour Johanna Basford has one out now. Its a 16 month planner with a page to colour each week, I got mine from Amazon and it arrived on Thursday.

The Year In Books 2017: September.

Ok so we have reached September the relaxed summer vibes are over and it’s time to get a little routine back up and running. I was fully convinced I had written a July year in books post but as I look back I see I didn’t which to be honest is probably just as well because I basically took nearly the whole summer off from doing nearly everything including reading. Now that September has arrived that’s going to change and with the dark evenings getting closer we all need some good books to read.

My book choice for September is The Cows by Dawn O’ Porter, I have just started it and so far I am really enjoying it. When I had Snapchat I used to love watching her Snaps, she is very funny so when I saw this book I had to give it a go. The other thing that drew me to this book was the name, living on a farm sure I couldn’t but get it ( so far there has been no mention of actual four legged cows in the book) .

So far this year I have read eight books which might be a new record for me but doing this #theyearinbooks has really pushed me to read loads. Let me know in the comments below what you are reading at the moment? and If you would like to read more about The Year In Books project head over the Laura’s Blog to read all about how she started it and follow the hashtag on Instagram and twitter to see what everyone else is reading but be warned doing this has really grown my to read pile of books !

Happy reading for September.

My Summer Reading.

So I might have gotten a little ahead of myself but they do say God loves a trier !. Over the last few weeks I have been on a little bit of a book shopping spree and the above are what I have picked as my Summer reads. Now anyone that knows me I am a book a month person, if it’s really good I might manage two a month but as you can see from the photo I seem to think I will manage three a month for the nine weeks I am off for the summer. I have been taking part in Laura’s The year in books which I am really enjoying because it gives me a reason to read each month but for the summer I wanted a little challenge.

So above are my book choices, the first is the new Anita Shreve, I have loved her books for years because they totally engulf you and after you have finished you are still thinking about the story. The next is by Dominique Loreau, Dominique gives an insight into the French way of life how to balance every part of our lives more which I am looking forward to starting this might be my first read of the group. Next I have two books by Jessie Burton, now I have heard very mixed reviews about these. Some say they are amazing and others have said they are painful to try read and were never finished so I will have to let you know how I get on with these. When we were on holidays at the start of the month we went to the Titanic centre in Belfast and I picked up The Girl Who Came Home, this is a story about a group from Ireland who get passage on the Titanic and what happens to them on the journey. The last I picked up in Wexford this week and it’s by William Ryan and its about a solider in World War two and a woman he helps.

So there is a little over view of what I have picked, I am hoping I will get at least three read over the nine weeks I don’t see myself reading them all I wouldn’t have that much free time but I suppose I can dream.

Let me know what your Summer reading choices are? so I can add to my to read pile and let me know if you have read any of mine and what you thought of them.


What Are Your Favourite Magazines ? Here Are Mine.

I used to spend a lot of money every month on all the fashion magazines ,getting a new one every time I went to a shop. I knew all the top designers, new up and coming talent and all the latest trends, now I wouldn’t know what is in fashion or not. Some of the reasons my reading choice changed are my age, as I get older I care less whether what I am wearing is current or not and I am sure now I won’t ever fit into any tiny designer dresses. Make up and skin care has been broken down over the years into the few  products I love and trust and I have let myself read about things I love rather than what everyone else is reading just to stay up with everyone else.

But possibly the main reason I passed totally on my glossy magazine fix was a video I watched which showed a top fashion magazine with all the ads taken out. What started as a magazine of 100+ pages ended up with maybe 30 made up of articles to read. So I was wasting my money and a lot if it monthly on glossy designer ads ! that was my turning point.

So what you see above are now the only magazines I buy monthly and two are only a few times a year. I have always had a love of anything creative, I am not a creative person but creative things really make me happy. I love the idea of making things simple, I love paper, books, food and art and these bring all I love together for me. 

I get them all online except Project calm which I get in Tesco and it was out yesterday. The first one is  The Simple Things 

I have been getting this for a couple of years now and I love it, it covers everything lifestyle and have beautiful photos and paper which is a good thing in a magazine. 

The next is 91 Magazine 

I am new to this one, it’s only my second one but this is just home and photo goals. This isn’t monthly, I think it’s every 6 months but it’s just gorgeous and one that you would look back over again and again. I spaced out reading mine over a month I didn’t want it to end.

The next is Flow Magazine

This is all things craft, paper, art, design and lifestyle as well. This one isn’t monthly and I get it delivered but you can buy it in good bookshops. 

The last is Project Calm Magazine

This is one I get in Tesco as they don’t have subscriptions set up yet for it but when they do I will be signing up. This is a little like the Flow magazine but it also has some yoga, wellness and lifestyle and I was hooked after the first copy. It’s a fairly new magazine but I am addicted.

So there are my magazine reads, the only ones that I buy now, the ones I ration how much I read so they will last longer because they are so good and the ones that I feel better for reading and not depressed like the fashion and beauty ones. 

Let me know what you like to read ? I would love to hear. 


The Year In Books: June 2017.

Can you believe we are in June already? Where are the months going. Last month my book was The Zoo Keepers Wife and it was such a good read. It is a story of unreal strength and courage in times of awful hardship, I really don’t know how they did what they did. 

This month I am being a little ambitious and I am going to try to read two books. Both of these books I have found through Instagram. The first one is by Erin Loechner and it’s called Chasing Slow and the other is by Brooke Mcalary. These two women have beautiful Instagram feeds which you should check out, this is Erin’s and this is Brooke’s . 

If you would like to read more about The Year In Books look for the hashtag #theyearinbooks on Twitter or Instagram or check out Laura’s blog Circle of pine trees , she was the founder of the tag. 

A Little More Of Me.

I decided to continue the getting to know me theme from yesterday and give you ten facts about me. I had thought I was a pretty normal person till I wrote these down today and now I see I might have some little issues.

  1. I always try to buy a book that no one else has looked through in a shop because if I think someone has I wouldn’t buy it. I like my books to be new and never opened when I get them or I wouldn’t read it.
  2. I am the same with magazines, I get all mine online and hide them until I have finished reading them.
  3. I am Coeliac, have Endometriosis and a kidney stone at this very moment.
  4. I am happy when I have my horses and can take a walk on a beach.
  5. I have a soft spot for mugs, stationary and books.
  6. I hate melon and salmon but would eat just about everything else.
  7. My bed at night needs to be wrinkle free and tucked in at the bottom.
  8. If you wake me from my sleep or disturb me you will see my full temper, its possibly one of the only things that makes me really cranky.
  9. I am normally in the one mood all the time but if you cross me I don’t forgive easy if at all.
  10. I work hard but always have more to do than I have time for.


So there they are ten random facts about me that make me see I have sleep and book issues.

That post two done, we are really on a roll or is it a little early in the month to say that ? I am hoping you will all come follow me on my Instagram for my challenge and see what else I get up to during the day.

Do you suffer with any of the same weird issues I have ?  leave them in the comments below.

The Year In Books: May 2017.

So last month I tried Hillbilly Elegy by J.D Vance, I enjoyed it to a point but I wouldn’t say this is a book that you should rush out and buy. JD gives us an insight into what life as an American Hillbilly is like but I don’t think it’s just America that has Hillbillies. From what he describes every community  in Ireland has them and I am sure every other country does as well.

This month I am reading The Zookeeper’s Wife and I am nearly half way already. It’s based on a true story about the life of a Polish zookeeper and his wife during World War two. This is a truly amazing story of the courage of a couple in such a tough time and one I think I might be saying go buy at the end of the month !.

What are you reading this month ? If you would like to join in with #theyearinbooks you can follow on twitter or Instagram. using the hashtag.